34 Jobs That Require No Experience

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We live in a time where people struggle to make ends meet. This is especially true for those just starting out and those re-entering the workforce. The biggest challenge for many is their lack of experience in the working world. For those people who fall into those categories, we have compiled a list of 34 jobs that require no experience and have short-term, on-the-job training.

1. Construction Laborers and Helpers

If you enjoy physically demanding work, then a position as a construction laborer may be for you. Tasks vary and can be indoors or outdoors. The construction trades require no formal education, and some positions require no experience. Typically, there is on-the-job training, and a person only needs to work hard and take instruction. The projected number of new jobs is 50,000 or more, and most of these positions are full-time. Titles for these jobs include: painters, plasterers, paperhangers, roofing helper, carpentry helpers, electrician helpers, pipelayers, tile and marble setters, insulation workers, and refuse and recycling material collectors.

2. Hand Laborers and Freight, Stock, and Material Movers

These positions require you to work by hand moving boxes or items by hand, packing boxes, cleaning vehicles, and/or feeding or removing materials to and from machines. Since these jobs move product from manufacture to the end-user, positions are open for all shifts and often are full-time. Because workers must be physically capable of performing in these positions, employers are constantly looking to fill positions. The projected number of new jobs is 50,000 or more over the next decade.

3. Grounds Maintenance Workers

You don’t need a green thumb to be a grounds maintenance worker. These workers ensure the outside areas of homes, businesses and parks look attractive and are healthy. Some positions require simple repairs outdoors, but there is typically on-the-job training for the position. There are positions with both private companies and within the government, and these jobs are usually full-time in the spring, summer and fall. Jobs in grounds maintenance is projected to be 50,000 or more in the next few years.

4. Agricultural Workers

Farmers always need workers to help plant and harvest crops and care for livestock. It is a physically demanding job, but workers at larger farms usually receive full-time hours during peak seasons. The projected number of jobs over the next few years is from 1,000 to 4,999.

5. Receptionists/Information Clerks

If you enjoy working with other people and answering their questions, this field is anticipating more than 50,000 jobs in the coming years. These positions can be found in most any industry and approximately 70% are full-time jobs. Along with answer phones and directing calls, receptionists and information clerks greet visitors and provide general information to the public about the company. Some information clerks interview people for collection of data that is analyzed by theirs or another company.

6. Customer Service Representatives

With the growing trend of Internet business and customer care, many companies are hiring customer service representatives to work with their customers. These positions can include providing information about products and services, processing orders, and handling customer complaints. While no education or experience is required, it is important to have good communication skills and the ability to work with people of all temperaments. According to the BLS, only about 1 in 5 work part time.

7. General Office Clerks

Copying, filing, deliveries, sorting mail and sometimes light typing are tasks done by general office clerks. There are 50,000 of these positions anticipated in the coming years. Since these jobs are performed in an office, they typically are full-time first-shift weekday positions. However, there are offices that need part-time clerks to maintain files during non-office hours. No experience is necessary, but general organizational skills are. You can find these jobs in places like schools, hospitals, government offices and any organization that deals with retail sales and customer service.

8. Physical Therapist Assistant/Aide

These positions can be found in physical therapy offices or in hospitals. The PT assistant or aide sets up equipment, organizes the patient files, and directly supports the physical therapist before, during and after working with the patient. Taking a job as a PTA or PT Aide has inspired many people to go to school to become a physical therapist because it is a great introduction to the physical therapy world.

9. Light Truck/Delivery Service Drivers

If you have a valid license and clean driving record, there is a growing demand for delivery drivers. You need nothing more than a Class D license to drive a small delivery truck (weighing less than 26,000 pounds). Delivery drivers are usually asked to lift between 40 and 60 pounds, but most drivers are able to use hand-trucks for heavy packages. This is a physically demanding position that requires long periods of driving, lifting, walking, and loading and unloading of cargo. Between 10,000 and 49,999 new jobs are expected by 2024.

10. Patient Care Attendant/Orderlies

These positions are constantly available for people who have good personal relations skills but not necessarily experience or higher education. Patient care attendants and orderlies work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing and residential care facilities. The job requires working one-on-one with patients, transporting them to various departments or activities, assisting them with basic personal needs, cleaning treatment and living areas, and helping to move or lift the patients. The projected growth rate for this occupation is ten to nineteen percent over the next few years.

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11. Financial Clerks

Different than office clerks, financial clerks perform tasks dealing with money. Many organizations use financial clerks, such as banks, government agencies, health and medical offices, and hospitals. These clerks help customers, manage financial transactions and keep records. Experience is not needed to be a financial clerk, but basic math and counting skills are essential. Titles for this job include bank teller, cashier and gaming cage workers.

12. Gaming Services Workers

Gaming services workers greet and serve customers in casinos, racetracks and other gaming establishments. They also may be required to serve drinks to customers and run chips and money between the office and the tables. Many establishments only require a high school education since they provide on-the-job or other training. Card dealers, table managers and slot machine tenders are among the titles.

13. Postal Service Workers

While the number of positions available in this industry is declining, postal service work remains an excellent option for someone willing to deliver outdoors in all kinds of weather. Jobs in this industry require you to sort and process mail, run mail sorting and processing machinery, and deliver mail. There is usually a written exam that tests your ability to quickly and effectively sort mail. For mail carriers, there is a physical exam to show that you are physically able to do the job.

14. Security Guard

Security guards provide protection to property against theft and vandalism. There is no experience required, and the company usually provides extensive on-the-job training. Many states require security guards to be licensed or bonded, and companies usually allow the person time to receive their licensing or bond papers. Security guards work all shifts, and many work full-time hours. Positions also can include cash transporter, airport security or sentry of an embassy.

15. Home Care Aide

Home care aides provide disabled or elderly clients with services ranging from taking care of personal needs such as bathing and toileting to cleaning the house. Some states classify Home Care Aides as medical personnel and require licensing, depending on the requirements of the client.

16. Home Care Companion

Elderly and disabled adults sometimes crave company and need someone to take them shopping or to medical appointments. Companions provide those services plus help them with simple chores around the house. States do not impose strict guidelines on companions so long as the services provided do not qualify as medical care services. These positions are sometimes live-in positions with care being provided around the clock and specific provisions for personal time.

17. Collections Agent

The expectation is that the need for bill collectors will increase by almost twenty percent over the next decade. Experience is not necessary, but customer service skills are highly recommended. Most work is done over the telephone so clear and effective verbal communication skills are required.

18. Garbage Collector

Most garbage collectors are employed full-time although hours may vary. Given the nature of the job, garbage collectors need to be able to lift heavy objects high enough to put into the truck or be able to operate the lift on the truck without difficulty. Whether employed by a private company or a municipality, this position typically comes with good health benefits.

19. Bartender

You don’t need experience to pour drinks. Most bartenders receive on-the-job training and work in establishments like pubs, restaurants, hotels and clubs. There are bartending schools that offer training in specialty areas but a certification is not required for the basic bartender. Expected growth rate of bartending jobs in the next decade is approximately ten percent with 50,000 or more positions expected by 2024.

20. Oilfield Worker

Entry-level workers in the oil industry need no experience because oil companies provide training in the field. This is a physically demanding job that could take you around the world. Oilfield workers typically work outdoors but work is available year-round. Gaining an entry-level position in the oilfield industry can lead to more opportunities within the industry.

21. Library Technician

Not everyone who works in a library is a librarian, and library technicians are a valuable asset to the library. This position is essential to the day-to-day organization of the library since technicians are responsible for shelving books, ordering new titles and working with patrons. Basic computer skills are recommended, but many libraries do not require it. These positions are usually part-time.

22. Sales Representative

No experience is necessary in sales. Most sales representatives are given on-the-job training about the product, services or organization that the representative will be required to promote. There are a variety of positions in sales available in all industries. Verbal and written communication skills are ideal for these positions as is the ability to work non-standard shifts. Job growth for this position is anticipated to be fifteen to twenty-one percent.

23. Cook

Restaurants are a staple source of jobs requiring no experience. However, being a cook offers many chances for advancement in an enjoyable career. Most restaurant managers and owners started their career as a cook with no formal training. Cook positions also can be found in institutions, cafeterias, private homes and government installations. There is always a steady demand for cooks.

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24. Military Service Member

Most people do not realize that our military service members receive a paycheck for their service. There is absolutely no experience required to join the military, but certain qualifications must be met: physical health, mental ability and be at least 17 years old (with parent’s permission). Each branch has established a maximum age of enlistment, ranging from 27 through 39. This is a physically and mentally demanding job but can be rewarding and offer opportunities along many career paths.

25. Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacists need assistants who are detail-oriented and can help provide professional and courteous customer service while they are busy taking calls and filling orders.

26. Municipal/License Clerk

Many Civil Service jobs require no experience, and some do not require a written examination. Municipal and license clerks work in various places like the DMV, city and county courthouses, city or town hall, and other governmental agencies. These entry-level jobs can also provide you with further career opportunities within government that would not otherwise be available to the public.

27. Tour Guide

No experience is necessary for this position, but most companies require knowledge of the local area. Some companies will also hire people who have lived in the area for a time and will provide on-the-job training. This position would require excellent verbal communication skills and the ability to work with the public answering questions and oftentimes recommending local features like restaurants and hotels.

28. Waiter/Waitress

Waiters and waitresses work a demanding job, but if you have are personable and have a good memory, the pay is good. Along with cooks, wait staff are constantly in demand, and many also move on to manage or own restaurants. No experience is needed for entry-level wait staff positions, and these jobs can be found anywhere food is served.

29. Pet Walker/Sitter

A good demeanor with animals and trustworthiness is required for this position. Many people have such busy lives that their pets do not receive the care they need. This is a perfect job to pair with college or even high school students to help them gain experience and references. Some pet companions work full-time and earn a good wage for their time and effort. Often people value their pets as they would children, so they are willing to pay more to maintain that level of care for their pets.

30. House Sitter

A growing industry in the U.S. is housesitting. With the rise in home crime rates over the past twenty years, people are increasingly concerned that going on vacation will cost them more than souvenir money. Professional housesitters often will stay in the house while the owners are away, but there are positions that require only minimal time checking the dwelling to insure all is safe. No education or experience is necessary for this work, but character references are required.

31. Freelance Writer

Professional writing does not require a degree in English or an internship at a newspaper. Those who have a good command of grammar and punctuation can make a living as a freelance writer. The Internet has a variety of freelance writing jobs available. Writers can find themselves creating website content, authoritative research papers, news articles, books, and much more. The pay scale ranges, depending on the type of writing and employer.

32. Blogger/YouTuber

There is no experience required or needed to start a blog or YouTube channel. Both bloggers and YouTubers work hard to market and gain a following. Money is made by advertising and creating affiliations with various websites and companies. Popularity is key with this job, and it can be a fun and rewarding career.

33. Photographer

Anyone with a talent for taking good photos can make a living as a photographer. Print publications as well as Internet sites are always looking for good, fresh photographs. Photographers are also needed in the self-publishing industry for book covers and photos inside the book. You need to be able to market yourself, but social media as well as the Internet has helped many amateur photographers start a successful and rewarding career.

34. Fast Food Worker

The fast food industry is constantly hiring non-experienced workers. Fast food workers often rotate work as cooks, cashiers, dishwashers and cleaners. Most positions are part-time, but most fast food establishments also promote from within. This can be an introduction to a long career in the culinary arts and restaurant management.

Many of these jobs provide more than just a means to help pay bills; they provide a foot-in-the-door that could lead to a higher-paying position with more responsibility and opportunities. These are jobs that can also set you on a career path that you wouldn’t have otherwise thought about.


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