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Kick Foosball Table Splendor

Our Top Pick for 2017: Kick Foosball Table Splendor
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Foosball is one of those classic arcade games that has never went out of style. Even with all of today’s high tech video gaming systems, we still enjoy a head to head game of table soccer. If you are looking for a well-made, affordable foosball table to add to your own home’s game room, the following information will help you narrow down your options so that you can purchase your table with confidence. Soon you’ll be enjoying matches between your friends and family. You may even want to one day move on to a professional level.

#1. Kick Foosball Table Splendor

Kick Foosball Table Splendor Gold Pick

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*Price typically updated every 24 hours. Current price may be different.

The Kick Foosball Table Splendor is the gold pick due to its highly elegant look, extreme durability, and excellent playing field. Its middle of the road price point makes it the perfect foosball table for most budgets while holding up for years of family fun. Its many features make it ideal for all ages.

This particular foosball table has a contemporary look that suits many home décor styles. It comes in a medium brown wood tone with silver/chrome colored accents such as the legs, corner pieces, and cross bars. A silver square box on the end hides a convenient cup holder. You can simply pull it down to have a place to set your beverage, and when you don’t need it, it folds back up against the table where it won’t be in the players’ way.

The Splendor foosball table is quite easy to assemble, and it comes with complete instructions that take you through the process step by step. You only need one to two hours set aside for putting it together. If you have any trouble along the way, online reviews state that Kick has a terrific customer service department. They can help with any questions you might have.

The Kick Company was founded by a foosball enthusiast who had invested 25 years into the game. He wanted to offer players a satisfying and effective game play in their own home at a cost that is 40 to 50% less than many of the high-end professional tables. Kick was able to maintain the high standards of the professional tables without the high price while offering you a table that is ensured to meet your expectations. The Splendor 55 Inch is the perfect example of this company’s commitment to quality.

Each player on the foosball field is attached to filled rods that withstand forceful play without damage. The wood finish has an awesome look to it, and the soccer playing field itself is thick and sturdy. It has the appearance and feel of a much more expensive table at a budget price that won’t shake or wobble during play time. Its quality level is comparable to the foosball tables found in your local arcade. The balls move smoothly as they travel across the playing field without any dead spots.

The Kick Splendor is an excellent mid-level option when it comes to a foosball table for your own home. It is great for kids as well as those who are a little more serious about their game. Online reviews repeat how great it looks in their game room or family room. It fits in like a nicely made piece of furniture. Those who have owned one for a long time enjoy how well the piece has held up over the years in both appearance and playing quality.

This foosball table measures 55 inches long by 30 inches wide. That makes it a nice size for most home game rooms. The 34 inch height easily allows the children to enjoy a game as well as the adults, making it the perfect foosball table choice for family game night. The players move easily. This is as beneficial to the younger generation who is just learning the game as it is to those with much more experience who take their playing seriously. The total weight of the piece is 103.4 pounds.

There is a ball return on each of the table’s ends for added convenience. It can easily be switched from a traditional one man goalie to the three man system according to how you decide to assemble the piece. The eight playing rods hold eleven white and eleven yellow players. The color difference reflects the home and away teams. The sliding score keepers are found at each end of this table.

Those who have posted reviews state that it is quite easy to assemble just as the company’s description says it is. The assembly instructions are easy to follow, and the table comes with all the needed parts to completely put it together. Those who hesitated when it came to purchasing the Kick Foosball Splendor had no regrets once they received it and finished putting it together. They appreciated a mid-level table with professional grade features that didn’t over step their budget. Many comment on what a big hit it is with children and teens.

#2. Hathaway Primo Soccer Table

Hathaway Primo Soccer Table

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*Price typically updated every 24 hours. Current price may be different.

The Hathaway Primo Soccer Table is a premium grade, high quality foosball table that comes in as the silver pick. It is made with CARB certified, solid one inch, MDF side panels. These panels have an attractive wood grain look with a melamine finish in a darker brown tone. It is fashioned in a butcher block style that looks great in a variety of home décor settings. All accent pieces are in a silver finish while the legs are a solid black. It makes itself at home in any home game room or family living area.

This Hathaway foosball table gives you an excellent playing field that is just as wonderful for the occasional family game night with the kids as it is for those who are looking for a game with a more professional edge. Independent leg stabilizers allow you to keep the playing field level on any floor surface. Each player is ABS counter balanced so that you will have better ball control while playing. It is configured with one goalie. Each 5/8 inch solid steel rod is chrome plated and includes E-Z spin bearings for swift movement during play. The two foosballs that come with this piece play well on its surface.

Beams attached to the legs offer additional cross support to the table which gives you excellent stability. While playing you can tell this foosball table was designed for fast paced action and excellent play. It measures 60 inches by 40 inches with a 12 inch depth to the table top itself. It stands 34 inches tall from the floor to the very top edge. This can very slightly depending on how the legs are adjusted for level play on your own individual floor. The soccer field has a slightly glossy finish to it which looks nice while not being shiny enough to cause any glare. Those who already own this particular foosball table have no problem positioning it directly under the lighting. It is made in China, and it has an over-all weight of 136.7 pounds.

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Online reviews often state how attractive the Hathaway Primo looks once they get it in their home. It is easy to assemble, and the company quickly takes care of any issues you may come across. Those with active young men in the house rave about just how sturdy the table is. It seems to hold up to the test of time whether being used for occasional family game nights or ongoing serious game playing. It appears to be well built and designed with plenty of use in mind.

Those who put the table together themselves recommend setting aside three to three and a half hours for the task. It does go together easily, but it can be time consuming. The finished result is a sturdy table that won’t disappoint. Many describe the quality as far exceeding the price. The finished size fits into the home setting nicely. Parents and grandparents alike find it to be an ideal foosball table for keeping everyone entertained for hours at a time.

#3. American Legend Charger Foosball Table

American Legend Charger Foosball Table

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*Price typically updated every 24 hours. Current price may be different.

The American Legend Charger Foosball Table is an attractive piece at a very affordable price point. It is perfect for anyone who is simply looking for an occasional, fun game in their own home. It has a light walnut wood finish that fits in just as nicely with a country décor setting as it would in a contemporary room. The 3.75 inch solid square legs are black with steel crossbars.

This foosball table comes with an internal ball return as well as abacus style scoring. The MDF 3/16 inch playing field resists warping and includes a 5/8 inch apron. The rods are hollow, and they have a chrome finish while the post style legs are laminated. Once assembled, the American Legend Charger measures 26 inches wide by 53.5 inches long. It has a height of 34 inches that works just as nicely for children as it does for adults. The overall weight is 102 pounds.

When you get this bronze pick foosball table it will include the players and balls as well as one goalie for each side. Everything needed for play comes with the purchase price. It takes roughly one hour to assemble. The assembly instructions and owner’s manual can be printed from the company website. Basic mechanical skills are all that is needed, and the project is easier with two people.

Those who were most pleased with this particular foosball table are the ones who purchased it more as a toy for their young children then as a professionally competitive gaming piece. Parents are pleased to get their children away from the electronic gadgets, and found this piece to hold up well against the abuse of everyday play. The legs are wood on the bottom, but adding rubber pads will eliminate any scratching to hard wood or laminate flooring. It is also a big hit with teens.

Online reviews often state how surprised people were with the quality of the American Legend Charger. Considering the price point, it is a very sturdy piece of furniture that looks attractive in the home. Be aware that it is constructed out of pressed board rather than a solid wood. This doesn’t seem to affect the sturdiness of the piece. Many like the fact that it comes with two balls. This meant that parents didn’t have to order extras right off the bat.

This does appear to be a great foosball table for families with small children as well as teenagers who want to have a fun game to play. That being said, if you are looking for a high-end gaming table for professional level play, you may be somewhat disappointed. There are dead spots on the playing field, and the men won’t stay standing up straight on their own. These issues are easily overlooked for the average family that occasionally plays together on it. These problems are not significant enough to give the piece a bad review because those who are looking for the high end professional grade tables already know they won’t find one at this low of a price point. In conclusion, for this price, your family will be getting a great foosball table that won’t break your budget.

#4. Triumph Sports Soccer Table

Triumph Sports Soccer Table

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*Price typically updated every 24 hours. Current price may be different.

The 48 inch Triumph Sports Soccer Table will allow you to enjoy many hours of play time with your friends and family at an extremely affordable price. This contemporary piece is mainly black with silver accents that will fit into your home’s décor very nicely. Its stylish design will look as though you invested much more into it than you did. The attractive cost makes this table our budget option for anyone looking to bring the fun of foosball into their family’s game night.

The regulation playing field is spacious while giving you a tournament sized area for your game play. The hollow steel rods are chrome plated, and they come with 26 molded players. Ergonomic grips allow for easy play that is comfortable on the wrists. You’ll also be getting four of the 36mm soccer balls. The ball return keeps the game going without a lot of interruptions, and keeping score is a snap with the manual scorers found at each end of the table. Levelers on the table’s legs will help you keep the playing field consistently level.

The Triumph foosball table is manufactured in China. It weighs 41.1 pounds which is lighter than many of the professional tables on the market, but it remains sturdy enough for children, teens, or your man cave. Constructed with a combination of wood and plastic, this is the perfect entry level table. The rods measure 36 inches from end to end. The compact size means it will easily fit into smaller home gaming spaces.

Those who posted online reviews found it to be an excellent piece for anyone looking to stock their game room with some fun activities the entire family can enjoy. Assembling the piece is simple, and it should only take about one hour to complete. Once finished, you have a very good looking foosball table that doesn’t sacrifice style for the price. This led many to give the Triumph a positive review.

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A feature that many parents appreciate is that the table is indeed lightweight. One person can easily move it by themselves. Even though it is by no means a championship level foosball table, it is more than sturdy enough to handle the rugged play that children can inflict upon it. Reviews state that it holds up quite well over time.

Pre-purchase considerations

Type of Table

There are two main kinds of foosball tables available for purchase. These are the stand-alone foosball tables and the table top foosball version. Which one you choose will depend on several factors such as the player’s skill level, your budget, and where you’ll put the table inside of your house. You’ll also be able to find multi-game foosball tables that are terrific for a kid’s gaming room where more than one child will be playing. With these tables you can change the playing surface and remove the rods so that it can also be used for air hockey, table tennis, chess, checkers, shuffleboard, and backgammon. Coin operated foosball tables are specifically designed for arcades, bars, youth clubs, and the like. Those who want to play a serious game of foosball will want to spend a little more and invest in a stand alone indoor soccer table with a sturdy design.


The average foosball table will be approximately 56 inches long and 30 inches wide. This size of table requires a space of seven feet by eight feet once you figure in the additional room needed for the protruding rods and playing space for participants. This sounds like a large area to devote to the game, but once several people are gathered around it, you will find the area fills up quickly. Always take into consideration exactly how big of an area you have set aside for your table before making a final decision as to which one to buy. Those who simply want a fun game that the family will enjoy can often get by with a smaller version while anyone who wishes to play competitively are better off with a full size one.

Skill Level

Your foosball table should reflect your skill level as well as the goals you have in mind. A beginner such as a young adult and children won’t need a costly, high quality table. At this stage an inexpensive model with acceptable rods and a decent playing surface will work nicely. Save your money to invest in an upgraded version once the basic skills of the game are mastered. Intermediate players will prefer a set up with a flat surface, smooth rods, and sturdy legs. These are the mid-priced options that are best suited for those wanting to improve their game and move on to a more advanced level. Advanced players need a table that is regulation in size with sturdy legs. The table needs to withstand forceful play and heavy use. Rods should move smoothly, and the surface should be flat with no slopes or dips. Watch for dead spots where the ball will stop its play in the middle of the field. You will also want to purchase soccer balls that work well with the players if they do not come included with the table.


Particle board may be used in the less expensive foosball tables. This is fine for family game night, but over time it will weaken. As the wood warps, the surface becomes uneven. A good rule of thumb is to make sure a table has some weight to it and that the wood is at least a half inch thick. The pricier, high quality foosball tables will be constructed from a composite or solid wood. For a table that will last, look for strong woods. High end professional tables are often made of Oak with a one inch thickness.


For the serious player who wants a top of the line table, hollow steel rods are the best choice. The lighter weight of a hollow rod allows you to have more speed in your movements during play. This lightweight design also keeps your forearms, wrists, and hands from tiring as quickly as they would with heavier rods. The number of men on each rod can vary from table to table as well. Some tables will include a single goalie while others will also have a defender on each side of the goalie. This is called a three man goalie system. Some foosball tables will allow you the option to switch back and forth from the one goalie to the three man system.


Most foosball tables will have a height of 36 inches. This is best suited for adults and older teens. Children who want to learn to play will require something lower. If you are going to have a variety of people playing on your table, you’ll want to consider one with adjustable legs. These legs allow you to raise or lower the table by a few inches. This makes it comfortable for all members of the family to play. High quality tables will also have levelers. This lets you keep your playing surface level even when the floor isn’t.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Finding the perfect foosball table for your home is not hard to do if you know what to look for before shopping. Know what skill level the players are at, and keep in mind the space you have reserved in your home for the table to fit in. If you want real value for your money, try the Kick Foosball Table Splendor. The gold pick, this table will look attractive within your home while remaining sturdy enough to withstand forceful play over a long period of time. If your goal is to advance in your skill level, this table won’t disappoint.

Those wanting a good quality foosball table to add to their home’s game room will enjoy the Hathaway Primo Soccer Table as well as the American Legend Charger Foosball Table. These are mid-price tables that are designed for everyone from the youngest children to the older adults. They both include appealing features that will add to your gaming experience while still looking terrific in any home décor style.

If you simply want a nice foosball table to enjoy an occasional game on, try the Triumph Sports Soccer Table. It is light weight enough to easily move from place to place, but it is still sturdy enough to handle the fast action of the game. The lower price point makes this a big hit with parents and grandparents looking for a way to keep everyone entertained.