The Best Glass Food Storage Containers

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Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid Glass Food Storage Containers

Our Top Pick for 2019: Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid Glass Food Storage Containers

You may already know that a nice set of glass storage containers can come in handy for storing food, but they can also become your favorite bakeware and serving dishes. The main reason most people choose glass storage containers is to avoid the potentially harmful effects and short term durability of plastic. Now home cooks are finding that these versatile containers can go from the freezer and refrigerator to the oven and microwave as well as the table. If you are looking for a set of these multi task dishes, the following information will help you find the best ones for your own kitchen.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid Glass Food Storage Containers

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The 22 piece Rubbermaid Glass Food Storage Containers Set with easy find lids can solve a multitude of food storage problems. Each container is made from BPA-free, crystal clear glass that can go in your microwave, freezer, dishwasher and oven up to 425°F. The easy find lids can snap on at the bottom of the containers or to each other so that you will never have to worry about missing tops. All of the bases and their lids will nest together for storage, and the built in gaskets offer leak proof seals that prevents spills and keeps food fresh longer by keeping air out.

Each lid is created with Rubbermaid’s OnePress Seal design which will allow you to secure each lid with one simple touch. The 22 piece set includes 11 containers and 11 lids. You will be getting three of the one cup containers, three of the one and one half cup containers, three of the two and one half cup containers, one four cup container, and one five and one half cup container. This allows you to store everything from small dollops of food to hearty left overs. You’ll also be able to rest assured that your food is fresh and free from harmful plastics.

Each of these containers is manufactured in the United States by the Rubbermaid Company. They are designed to make storage, reheating, and serving possible for just one dish. The lids cannot withstand the heat of an oven, but they can be used safely in a microwave. Be aware that these dishes cannot be placed in a hot oven or microwave immediately after being taken out of the freezer. Be sure to thaw the food first. Each glass piece will need time to cool before refrigerating or freezing, and you need to wait for your oven to fully preheat before placing them inside.

Each container is clear so that you can easily see what is in them, and the lids are accented with red. This particular set from Rubbermaid gets high praise in the online reviews. People love that they nest together for compact storage as well as how the lids snap together so that they aren’t falling all over the place and getting lost. All but the smallest dish uses the same size lid which makes this 22 piece set even more convenient to use.

Many of those that purchased these containers were looking for a better option than their current plastic sets. The glass design won’t stain the way plastic will, and you won’t have to worry about any of the concerns found with plastic food storage. They are very simple to keep clean. The lids and containers can safely go in the dishwasher, and the gasket can be removed to ensure it is also getting thoroughly clean.

Those who purchased the Rubbermaid Easy Lid Glass Food Storage Containers state that they are quality pieces that won’t leak. Even liquids such as soups travel safely in these dishes. As long as the lid is pressed into place to create a vacuum, liquids cannot escape. The containers remain cool to the touch when reheating foods in the microwave. The glass is thick and sturdy, and they work well in the oven. The idea of eliminating separate storage, heating, and serving pieces appeals to many home cooks. By using this set of containers you will be reducing the number of dishes being stored in your cupboards as well as the number of items to be washed.

Another perk, in addition to being worry free and stain resistant, is the fact that these glass containers won’t hold odors. They won’t stick together when stacked the way many round dishes can, and the square design makes them easy to fit into the refrigerator or freezer without wasting precious space. Over-all, home cooks find this set from Rubbermaid to be an excellent value for the price they paid.

#2. Glasslock Oven Safe Containers

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The Glasslock Oven Safe Containers allow you the flexibility of using just one dish to freeze, microwave, and reheat food. They are safe to go in the oven as well as the dishwasher. They are stain proof, odor free, and liquid and air tight. The latching lids are easy to use, and they make storing food convenient. This set is created out of soda ash, silica, limestone, and many other natural materials which make it recyclable and eco-friendly. None of the 18 pieces have any harmful environmental hormones, and they are BPA free.

These Glasslock containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes in order to accommodate all of your needs. They are transparent so you can see with a quick glance what foods are in them, and they look attractive in any home kitchen. Your set will include one rectangular 6.3 cup container, two of the rectangular 3.5 cup containers, one rectangular 1.6 cup container, one square 3.3 cup container, one square 1.5 cup container, one round 3.1 cup container, one round 1.6 cup container, and one round 0.7 cup container. They also have the ability to nest for easy storage.

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Each container in the Glasslock Oven Safe Set is glass, and the lids are all plastic. Glasslock has included a guarantee on each lid for the life of the container. If you break a lid, Glasslock will replace it for free. Keep in mind that the lids cannot go in the oven the way the base can. This particular set is manufactured in Korea. All bowls and lids are clear, and the Glasslock logo is printed on top of each lid with green accents.

These containers can be used in the freezer without causing any harm to the lids or their leak proof gaskets. Remember to completely thaw all foods before placing the bowl in the oven in order to prevent shattering. You will also want to have the oven preheated first.

Those that have posted online reviews are quite happy with their Glasslock Oven Safe Containers. The lids lock securely in place so that even liquids won’t leak out. People have commented on how the bowls may accidentally tip over when being transported to picnics, parties, or where ever, but nothing leaks out. Most people enjoy the simple fact that they can replace several of their other storage containers, and there are no worries about harmful plastics.

These containers and lids can be stored without taking up very much space in your kitchen cupboards. They will come to you in a variety of shapes. Each shape will nest into a stack so that you will have a square stack, a round stack, and a rectangular stack. The multiple sizes give the home cook plenty of options when it comes to using these containers. Casserole style recipes can be baked in them because they are oven safe, and when finished, leftovers can be quickly and easily covered and placed in the refrigerator or freezer for later.

Many people have found that the smaller sizes are terrific for lunches and snack items. The durable and thick glass construction resists chipping and breaking, and those that had arthritis find these lids to be easy to handle. Very little pressure is required to snap them into place, and the built-in gasket is what prevents spills.


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#3. Snapware Tempered Glasslock Storage Containers

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Those who want a reliable and attractive set of glass storage containers with lids will enjoy the Snapware 20 Piece Tempered Glasslock Storage Containers. They are microwave as well as oven safe, and are clear with light green trimmed lids. Each base and lid is 100% air tight when snapped in place. Liquids won’t leak out due to the gasket design. These dishes can also safely go in the freezer for food storage and the dishwasher for easy clean-up.

All of the glass bases included in this set are shatter resistant and stain proof. They are the excellent option when one is looking for something to replace their plastic storage containers. Odors won’t stick with them, and the four latch easy open polypropylene lid keeps all food fresh. They nest nicely when not in use. This can save space in your kitchen cupboard as well as keep them neat and organized.

This set includes two of the small 1.6 cup rectangular containers, one of the medium 3.5 rectangular containers, two of the small 1.5 cup square containers, one of the medium 3.3 cup square containers, one of the large six cup square containers, one of the mini 0.73 round containers, and two of the small 1.6 cup round containers. All of the sizes come with matching lids. The entire set is manufactured in Korea by the Glasslock Company.

You will have three compact stacks when the containers are nested together. This would be one stack each of the square, rectangular, and round dishes. The lids can be stacked on top, although they don’t latch together. Some people found it hard to latch the lids on to the containers. This was often the result of doing each of the four latches individually. Many people had better luck doing two at a time. Simply latch each opposing side at once with plenty of force to allow it to snap over the glass containers upper edge. All of the lids are BPA free.

TheSnapware Tempered Glasslock Storage container bases are designed to be safely used in the freezer and refrigerator as well as the oven and microwave, but you should never take them from one extreme to the other without allowing the food to thaw first. The manufacturer does offer replacement lids for any that become damaged or broken. Replacements are free, but you do have to pay for the shipping charges.

Online reviews speak highly of this particular set of glass storage containers. People love that the lids fit extremely tight, and home cooks enjoy the versatility. The glass bases can be used as bakeware, and when they are finished eating, they simply snap a lid on the left overs and pop them into the refrigerator. They can easily be placed back in the oven or microwave the next day to reheat. All of this is accomplished without creating piles of dirty dishes.

The containers look elegant when used to bake and serve foods. Their clear glass construction allows them to fit in nicely with any style of dinnerware. Parents make use of the smaller size lids and bases by putting snacks and lunch foods in them. They are just right for child size portions. This specific set is an excellent value due to the versatility of uses and multiple shapes and sizes you’ll receive.

#4. Pyrex Simply Store Glass Food Storage Containers

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The Pyrex Simply Store Glass Food Storage Containers are available at a very affordable price, and they have an attractive, basic design. Each glass container is clear with a dark blue plastic lid. All pieces are stackable so that they won’t take up valuable storage space in your kitchen cupboard. Pyrex has been creating durable, high temperature glass bakeware for 90 years, and their expertise is easy to see in this particular set.

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The glass containers are made of a nonporous glass that will not stain, warp, or hold odors from food. It is safe to use in a preheated oven as well as the microwave, and you can safely wash these in the dishwasher. The BPA free lids should be placed on the top rack for washing. All of the glass containers in this set are manufactured in the United States, and they come with a two year warranty.

Your Pyrex Simply Store Glass Food Storage Containers Set will include two of the round two cup dishes, one of the round four cup dishes, one of the rectangular three cup dishes, and one of the rectangular six cup dishes. In total you will have five storage containers that serve double duty as bakeware and five lids in this ten piece set. The rectangular three cup container measures 7 by 5 by 3.5 inches while the four cup version measures 8 by 6 by 2 inches.

The lids do not include a gasket to ensure liquids won’t leak out of the containers, but online reviewers have not had a problem with this. Most of them have never had anything leak from these covered dishes, especially the smaller round ones which seem to have tighter fitting lids. Replacement lids can be found at the Corning and Revere Factory Outlet Stores.

Those that own this set of glass storage containers from Pyrex enjoy the fact that they can bake in them, serve in them, and then place the lid on the leftovers and either refrigerate or freeze them. They are constructed of a durable glass that has lasted several years for many home cooks. Most people that leave comments on this product are surprised at how tough they are.

Online reviews describe this Pyrex set as one of the best deals available. The price is equivalent to many of the plastic storage sets, but you won’t have to worry about the harmful effects of plastic, warping, stains, or odors. Home cooks have also found that these containers work wonderfully when packing lunches and storing vegetables as well as for normal food baking and storing.

Pre-purchase considerations


Glass storage containers should come with a reliable lid that will help keep your foods fresh without the worry of leaking. Make sure that each lid fits tightly on the container. Many will come with a removable gasket that seals the lid completely. The fact that they are removable makes them easy to keep clean. Flat lids are best. Those with knobs or handles are much harder to stack. You will also want to make sure they are made of BPA free materials.


Consider features like tempered glass that will resist cracking and chipping. You want to be able to use your containers for much more than simply storing foods. The best sets will allow you to actually bake in the glass container. If you select an attractive set, you won’t need to transfer the food to a serving dish. When you are finished eating, the left overs can be covered and either placed in the freezer or refrigerator for later. Along with checking to see if a storage container set is oven and freezer safe, look for one described as microwave and dishwasher safe too.


Round containers look wonderful when used as serving dishes. This allows you to get even more use out of each piece. Square and rectangular containers are appreciated for their ability to save space in your refrigerator. The uniform design makes it possible to stack them and set them close together. Consider how the shape of your glass storage containers will nest together. If all of the containers in one set are the same shape, they will all nest together and take up less cupboard space when not in use.


Think about exactly what foods you will want to be storing in these covered dishes. If you tend to make a lot of casserole type meals and want something to bake, serve, and store them in, you will want to make sure your set will have plenty of the larger four to six cup containers. Many of the larger rectangular storage dishes resemble traditional lasagna pans in shape and size. If you will be using your containers more for snack items and lunches, purchase a set with an ample amount of the smaller containers.

Attractive Design

You may find that these pieces often end up on your dining room table during meals. Choose ones that reflect your personal taste and your home’s decor. You will find many traditional, basic designs as well as modern contemporary styles. You may even want to look into a whimsical retro version.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

If you are looking for an excellent set of glass food storage containers with leak proof lids, the Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid Glass Food Storage Containers are the perfect choice. This set can safely go in the freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher. You’ll never lose a cover due to the ingenious snap together lid design, and they are attractive enough to use as serving dishes. The Glasslock and the Snapware Storage Containers offer you many of these same features at an affordable price. Both of these sets will keep your food fresh from the table to the refrigerator and back to the table again when reheated. Those who are simply in search of a well-made set of glass storage dishes they can count on will want to consider the Pyrex Simply Store Containers. Backed by Pyrex’s 90 years of experience creating durable glassware, this set won’t disappoint you.

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