How Expandable Garden Hose Really Works

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The expandable garden hose is a new addition to the garden hose industry, and the whole point of this invention is to make it easier to water your plants and wash your cars.

If you are not familiar with this new technology, an expandable garden hose is a type of hose that expands whenever the water pressure is on and contracts when it is off.

The expandable garden hose extends to three times its original length, and it is self-draining, non-tangling, non-kinking, and non-twisting. When the collapsible garden hose contracts to its original length, it becomes easier to store in small spaces.

The design of the expandable hose is such that it has two layers, water flows through an inner tube and an outer fabric. The inner tube is usually made out of latex or TPC while the outer material is generally made out of nylon.

The durability of the inner hose varies according to the brand. When you turn on water from one end of the hose, the shut-off valve on the other end of the hose goes off, and the water gets blocked from one end. When the water pressure begins to build up inside the inner tube, the tube expands to its full size and length.

When you turn it off, the expandable garden hose returns to its usual size and functions like a regular garden hose.

collapsible garden hose

Why Should You Buy An Expandable Hose?

An expandable hose is much lighter than a traditional garden hose and much easier to store even though it expands to three times its original length when in use. It saves you lots of time and energy because of its self-draining, non-tangling and non-twisting features, when you turn the water pressure off, the hose drains and coils up.

It is far easier to use than the regular garden hose, and it saves you a lot of trouble. Because the hose expands, it will not tangle, twist, or kink while you use it.

The hose is also available in a variety of fun, bright colors so you can buy a collapsible garden hose that matches your garden furniture. You can also carry it around easily in your car, boat or truck and use it for any professional cleaning that you have to do.

Common Problems Of Expandable Garden Hose

The expandable garden hose has become popular all over the world because of its usefulness and the innovations it comes with, however, the hose is not without its problems. A lot of buyers have made some complaints about the hose, the most common complaints are that it burst, leaks or does not expand as advertised.

Some of these problems can be explained, and the primary causes are;

  • The manufacturers of the collapsible garden hose sometimes use bad quality materials
  • The users do not follow the instructions set out in the instruction manual.
  • Poor technology.

The majority of hoses that are available on the market make use of Latex or TPC for the inner tube. TPC is not a reliable or durable material, and it tends to burst after only a short time of using the product.

Latex is much better as it is stronger than TPC no matter how many layers you use, however, when you use it with brass connectors, it causes a chemical reaction in the tube which in turn causes toxic chemicals that make the hose burst or leak.

If you want your expandable hose to last for a long time, you have to use it properly. These are instructions you should follow when you want to use the hose;

  • Before you use the expandable hose for the very first time, make sure you fill it with water and shut off the valve so that the hose will stretch and expand. When the collapsible garden hose has extended, release the water inside and repeat the process before you use it.
  • Attach the nine setting spray nozzle to the other end of the expandable hose.
  • When the hose expands to its full size and length, then it is ready for use.
  • When you are not making use of the hose, turn off the water at the source.
  • Make sure you drain the hose completely, to do this, squeeze the nozzle and allow the hose to return to its original length.
  • Make sure you do not use the expandable hose for drinking water.
  • It is also essential to not expose the hose to the sun for any period.
  • Make sure to store the hose during the winter or any other extreme weather.
  • Try not to use the hose on a rough area or sharp edges, keep the hose under the shade to increase its lifespan.
  • For the collapsible garden hose to be of more significant benefit to you, it’s important to know what to look out for before you purchase it.

  • Check to see if the inner tube is made from latex or TPU and check where it was manufactured.
  • If the material is made out of TPU, then it’s probably poor quality and won’t last long.
  • Check that the hose has either brass connectors or plastic connectors.
  • If the hose is made out of brass connectors, then make sure that the inner tube is not also made from latex and if it is made from plastic connectors, make sure that it is good quality plastic.
  • Make sure that the inner tube is connected with the brass fitting through a metal clip, without this; the hose will likely start to leak after a few uses.
  • Look at the manufacturer’s warranty and ensure that it is from three months upwards.