How To Be A Responsible Gun Owner

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Every year there are thousands of reported cases of irresponsible gun owner either cause injury to themselves or mistakenly killing someone. All this, of course, is due to lack of education as to how to properly handle the gun when it is not in use. It is therefore important to highlight many of the procedures that should be observed in order for a person to be a responsible gun owner.

Never buy guns from the black market.

Many people in the quest to own a gun and also in the bid to bypass all the requirements needed for owning a gun usually opt to get the gun on the black market. The results are always not good because the and no background check as to who had the weapon last. It’s important for you to understand that when you buy a gun illegally if a crime has been committed using that gun and you are caught with the firearm, it usually very difficult to explain to the authorities that it wasn’t you who committed the crime with the said gun. You can avoid this by being a responsible gun owner.

Take a gun class.

If you just got a gun and you are not versatile with its use, There is nothing wrong with taking a gun class in-order to properly acquaint you with it. There are some states and even some countries that before you can legally own a gun, you first need to pass certain courses relating to having a gun.

Never point a loaded gun at a person.

One of the first rule when it comes to gun use is that unless you are ready to kill it, do not under any circumstances point a loaded gun at anything and this includes a fellow human being like you. The reasons being you may never know when you may accidentally pull the trigger especially when jesting is involved. Even when cleaning a gun make sure you point it in a safe direction away from things or anybody that it could cause severe damage to.

Never try to be a hero where guns are involved.

We see all the times in movies a gunman enters either a bank or even a public place and threatens to shoot down the whole area. A victim sees a small window of opportunity to wrestles the gun away from the gunman. Don’t! I repeat do not wrestle with a gunman where you don’t have any experience when it comes to handling a gun. Two or three things may happen here. You may get shot in the process or potentially injure other victims just like you.

Safely store loaded/unloaded firearms.

It is irrelevant that the gun is not loaded. Being a responsible gun owner means that when it comes to firearms, you should put it away properly once you are not using it. And it is also irrelevant if there is no ammunition inside as long as there is ammunition in the house there is a 20 percent chance that either your little one or even your teenager may want to pick up the ammunition and want to “test” it.

It’s also essential to incorporate having a gun safe in the house regardless of whether you have children or not. Of course, the purpose of a gun safe is to keep unwanted persons away.

Keep your firearms clean.

Keeping your firearm clean helps it not only to last longer but prevents a dirty firearm form jamming and in the process injuring the person who is using it. A jammed firearm is most dangerous when you are trying to protect yourself against an attack. Along with cleaning your firearm is learning how to disassemble it. Taking apart an AR-15  is more complicated than disassembling a pistol, so it is important to have an expert guide you.

Practice consistently.

They say practice makes perfect, the same goes for the use of firearms. The more you can correctly load, unload and even make use of the firearm the more protected you will be. There will, of course, be a minimal injury to both the user and those around him.

Never handle a gun with an impaired mind.

Many people are in jail or even pending trial today because they are not a responsible gun owner. In fact, many people have handled guns when they are drunk, upset, depressed and even stressed the results of-course have been fatal.

responsible gun owner

Gun education.

It is pertinent that you educate your child that using a gun is serious business. It’s a huge responsibility to be able to handle a gun. This, of course, should be done without possibly scaring them, but they should understand that ammunition and guns are not toys to be played with Its also important to teach them also what to do in cases where they find a gun lying around unattended. A responsible gun owner should also be trained on how to properly handle a gun. It’s important that before such lessons begin, the child must be of sound mental capacity.