Manual Vs Automatic Deadbolt Lock

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When it comes to home security, we really cannot overemphasize the importance of a manual or automatic deadbolt lock. However, it wasn’t always this easy to choose at first.

We had to rely on manual door locks, but now we have the option of an automatic or automatic deadbolt lock. Both door locks are as effective as they sound and can secure your doors in their respectable way but the developments and technology included in the automatic deadbolt lock make them even more secure than their manual counterparts in a lot of ways. While their differences couldn’t be any more startling, there are some advantages that you would find in automatic locks that might not be visible in manual locks and vice versa.

Manual Door Locks

Manual door locks have been in existence for centuries, and while they were not initially created for home use until recently in the civilized era, they have always been used by humans for different purposes. Today, almost every home in the world has some door lock on it with most being manual door lock. When you visit a home, it is natural to find a handle locks with a deadbolt or chain lock on the front door. If there happens to be a back door, you might find a similar lock or the might be a different lock altogether like the sliding glass door lock. With the sliding door lock, anyone with the correct key can turn it on. This means that while it might look secure, a criminal armed with the right key can jimmy it. What’s more, your door can be left unlocked if you forgot to lock it when going which happens to be frequent mistake homeowners make all the time. This allows for easy access by burglars and often leads to loss of property and theft.

Automatic Deadbolt Lock

Automatic locks are the next step beyond manual door locks, and they often rely on the supply of electricity to keep your doors locked or to unlock them when you want to exit or enter your home. The type of code used to unlock or lock these type of locks will vary a lot, and it depends on the kind of lock you go with. There is a smartphone lock which uses a digital code and can only be powered by a specific smartphone that has been authorized to unlock or lock it. The presence of that phone within the vicinity will secure or unlock the door. For the automatic keypad locks, the door open when the right passcode is entered into the keypad. This is usually a combination of numbers, letters or a combination of both. Using an automatic deadbolt lock doesn’t mean the door is more secure, but the major advantage is that it is more difficult to disable an automatic lock than a manual lock because it’s powered by electricity—which needs to be taken out before the lock can be opened.

For manual locks, you can quickly make a duplicate key or get a spare key to break into the property but you can’t break into someone’s house with an automatic deadbolt lock which is powered by a lock code that is in someone else’s head, or that is safe in their phone which they carry around with them.

To secure your home, you need to have doors that are secured which would make it harder for criminals or burglars to break in. Whether you have a manual or automatic deadbolt lock, as long as you have a form of door lock on your door, you will have an added layer of security that will keep you, your family and all your belongings safe from burglars.

When automatic Locks Get “Smart”

electronic deadbolt lock

Some automatic locks can open your doors remotely via an app, and they also integrate with your home’s system for more protection and security. This places them in the category of smart technology. While you’re sitting on the beach, you can unlock your house for your plumber if you get an alert that a section of your home is leaking. There are tons of smart automatic deadbolt lock that you can use from the August Smart Lock which discreetly replaces the cylinder deadbolts to provide secure access to your home via an app on your smartphone. You can also issue virtual keys to members of your home and see the record of those who visit your home while you were away.

Irrespective of the type of lock you end up going for, adding an electric door lock to your home is a great step in securing and protecting your home.