The 4 Timezone Card Prices You Should Know About

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time zone card

Whether you’re a ten-pin bowling or arcade gaming enthusiast, it’s apparent that you have a favored spot to amass all the fun. And while there are numerous fun spots to quench your gaming thirst, proficient gaming dungeons can be the most ideal. But as the world is gradually shifting into a digitized realm, using coins and fiat currencies is taking the backseat. Thanks to the simple user interface, swipe cards are becoming the norm. If you’re planning on checking in at Timezone games, here are the card prices you ought to know about.

  1. The welcome tier card

Once you join the Timezone games, you subscribe to a timeless program that sees you climbing the tiers to the top level. Usually, new subscribers get issued cards that they’ll use for gaming and accumulate points as they load them with cash. The welcome card is usually the first issue, which upgrades to premium levels over time. Each card has associated benefits that you’d accrue, most being more of privileges rather than rewards. The welcome tier card requires that you load it with at least a dollar and are awarded a single point at a minimum. However, it’s usually devoid of perks like daily free games, game credits, redemption discounts, or other exclusive offers.

  1. The Blue Elite tier card

The Blue Elite tier card is an upgrade of the initial welcome card, and you only get it when you accumulate more than 50 reward points. That means that you must spend at least $50 in credits over time. The Blue Elite power card provides a few perks and offers, including the chance to access VIP game pricing and other exclusive offers limited to its tier level. However, there can be more perks to enjoy, which you can find out by visiting Accumulating the 50 reward points requires that you’re consistent with the gaming. That’s because your credits could expire on the lapse of 12 months where your card remains unused.

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time zone card

  1. The gold tier card

The Gold tier card is a step higher than the Blue Elite tier card, and as usual, leveling up comes with numerous perks and offers to enjoy. However, that’s only possible if you spend at least $250, equivalent to 250 points. The glad tiding is that, once you cross that threshold, there’s a lot more to enjoy than you could imagine. First, you have easy access to VIP game pricing, daily free game, and a subsequent $25 for every 250 reward points afterward. Also, you get exclusive offers and events, redemption discounts, and a $10 bonus credit.

  1. The platinum tier card

Imagine being at the top of the perch and getting limitless access to all perks available? That’s only possible if you level up to the Platinum tier, where every offer and benefit is within reach. Once you accumulate at least a thousand bonus points for spending $1000, you automatically climb this high notch. All perks that are unavailable for other tiers, including a $50 game credit for every 1000 points reward and a two times yellow card reader, come your way in addition to everything available for the subsequent tiers.


There’s always something special for gaming enthusiasts, and if you’re among the vast pool in Singapore, you’re guaranteed pocket-friendly prices, to begin with. Lucky enough, Timezone card prices are incredibly lenient and laden with perks and benefits to enjoy. If anything, visiting the gaming dungeons will sure make your day.