The Best Cleaning Products For Your Bathroom

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Our bathrooms are one of the most widely used and privatized places in our homes. Many people enter the bathroom with a newspaper, a novel and sometimes their phones. If this is how much we enjoy using our bathroom is not it only fair that we clean it with the best cleaning products for your bathroom.

It may not necessarily be that you love to spend so much time in the bathroom, so you want a neat one, it may be that your body is readily susceptible to toilet infections and germs. Hence, the need to properly clean the bathroom with the bathroom cleaning products available in the market.

This guide will point you in the right direction when buying a cleaning product. It will show you what to look out for when purchasing a bathroom cleaner and the bathroom cleaning products to use.

When buying some cleaning products, check to make sure that the products do not contain corrosive ingredients that may be harmful to your health. Research has proven that 10% of all toxic exposure is due to store bought cleaning products.

The components used in the making of these products is another concern for consumers. Ingredients such as 2-phenylphenol, paradichlorobenzene or other elements of high health concern like triclosan.

It is usually best to go for a cleaning product that is Eco-friendly. The Environment cannot also be left out, because most of this corrosive cleaning product is washed down into the drain, ends up in the sewage before finally discharging into surface water.

In trying to help the environment, many toilet cleaning products come in plastic containers; consumers should get into the habit of recycling in other to make our environment Eco-friendly.

Our 6 Tested and Trusted Cleaners for Bathroom

1. The first one is the Scrubbing Bubbles multi-purpose surface Bathroom cleaner.

This cleaner is known to wipe out 99% of Viruses and Bacteria on any surfaces in the bathroom. The multi-Purpose scrubbing bubbles are used on some surfaces such as Ceramic, porcelain, countertops, Sealed Stone, Shower door, Tiles and Grout, Tub and even the Toilet.

When using this Multi-Purpose Cleaner, you must allow the foam to penetrate dirt and soap scum; then you can either use a wet cloth and rinse thoroughly with water. The Scrubbing Bubbles Multi-purpose Cleaner fights against stains, Mold, Mildew, soap scum.

2. The second is the Kaboom Shower, Tub, and Tile Cleaner.

This cleaner is meant to tackle, Soap scum, Hard water build up, Calcium, Lime stains, Grease and Grime effectively.

The Kaboom Shower and Multi-Purpose toilet cleaner effectively clean Tub, Tiles and even Shower. This cleaner does all the work that you do not have to scrub as hard as you would if it were other cleaners. The Kaboom cleaner is also gentle to the noise. It does that strong Bleach smell that almost Bathroom cleaning product possesses.

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3. The third is the Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner.

As everyone knows, Clorox is your number one friend especially when you need a bleaching product to quickly take care of that Residue that is all over your bathroom.

This bathroom cleaner is known to clean the hardest of all stains with 99% accuracy. It cleans bacteria and germs from the bathroom surface. It also removes Mold, Mildew, Hard Soap, Grime, and Dirt.

4. The fourth is the Tilex cleaner for Mold and Mildew.

This Product is great to clean dirty Tiles. It is specially made to remove tough stains embedded in your tiles. It may be on any other surface in the bathroom. The manufacturers of this product made it so powerful that it can successfully handle 99.9% of tile dirt.

5. The Fifth best Bathroom cleaner is the Black Diamond Grout Cleaner.

There is nothing more irritating than entering a bathroom and sighting grout. If you have tried to remove the grout stains in your Bathroom and it is refusing to go, one of the bathroom cleaning products is Black Diamond Grout cleaner.

It removes even the most stubborn grout stains with ease. This product can be both ceramic and marble surfaces. It is eco-friendly and Acid-free. It is also used restaurants especially to remove grease, food spills, and soap scum.

6. The Sixth bathroom cleaner is the Odoban Organic Acid Cleaner.

As the name implies, it is organic. This product is not only person friendly, but it is also environment-friendly. This can be used immediately after you take your shower in order not to allow residue to build up.

When it comes to cleaning your bathroom, you may decide to choose the bathroom cleaning products. One purpose cleaner is the Scrubbing Bubbles Purpose Cleaner or the Clorox disinfecting cleaner. In a situation where you want to only clean a particular aspect of the bathroom like the Tiles, or you want to remove grout stains you may as well go for Tilex or the Black Diamond Grout Cleaner.

At the same when cleaning your bathroom, avoid using cleaning products that contain 2-phenylphenol, para-dichlorobenzene or other ingredients of high health concern like triclosan. Do not mix cleaning products and they may have adverse reaction health reaction.