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Starting a new firm? Or looking for furniture for your office? Redecorating your office space? There are certain things needed to be taken into consideration before buying an office chair. Chairs are a permanent fixture in any office. Every workplace, especially white collar jobs require comfortable chairs for the proper functioning of its employees.

Bad chairs lead to discomfort for the staff. In turn, increasing health risks and hindering the productivity and efficiency level of the team. A bad office chair causes back pains, neck pains and in general, body pains to employees. This is ultimately detrimental to the employer as these injuries raise the company's cost of compensation and healthcare services for its employees. As a result, companies need to meticulously purchase the right types of office chairs for its employees.
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In order not to lose money as a result of employee absences, much thought should be given to the purchase of chairs, and it is imperative that a good office chair that promotes good health and improves productivity are purchased. When buying office chairs, the following factors should be taken into consideration.


The word ergonomics sounds somewhat grandiloquent. I'm sure you are wondering what it means and how it relates to chairs. Ergonomics means merely the process of designing or arranging workplaces, products, and systems in such a way that it fits the people that use them and ensures productivity. Ergonomics are the primary factor to be considered when purchasing office chairs. The office chair designs should be ergonomic helping to reduce the risks of musculoskeletal disorders and improve the comfort level of the employees while they work. The chairs should be designed to give support and reduce the pressure in the back, hips, and buttocks.


The chairs should be such that they are adjustable. The height, arm width and height; seat back width and height; seat and rear angle, and tension control should be flexible. The adjustments are needed to adapt the chairs to your needs for better body alignments.

Lumbar Support

To prevent back pains, the office chair should have lumbar support, i.e. it should support the lower back. Good chairs should have adjustable lumbar support.

Durability, Quality and Manufacturer Reputation

While buying a chair for your establishment, the future should be borne in mind as it would be unwise to buy an office chair that will only last a short while. That is why it is crucial to purchase durable chairs that will require fewer replacements and maintenance. The chairs should be durable enough to last a long time. Determining durable chairs may not be as easy as it sounds, that's why one can turn to the quality and the reputation of the manufacturer as a guide. Many reputable manufacturers give warranties upon purchase.


Another commonly overlooked factor when buying chairs is the fabric of the chair. The material of the chair should be one that cannot be easily damaged. It should be breathable as well. You have to bear in mind that coffees have become a part of our business life and it could spill on the office chair from time to time. The fabric should be such that doesn't become hot and uncomfortable after continued sitting on it.


Chairs with wheelbases are usually recommended than stationary chairs. The movement of chairs come in handy and make work more comfortable when one wants to move from one place to another without getting off the chair. The base must be stable nonetheless. It shouldn't have a mind of its own.


A good office chair should be adequately padded, thereby giving the seats a cushioned effect. The cushioned effect can reduce pressure to the buttocks associated with prolonged sitting. The office chair shouldn't be too hard or too soft.

General Aesthetics

The office chair must be one that fits the décor in the office. The style and color of the chair should be in tandem with the way the office look. The chairs in a corporate business would naturally be more serious looking than one in an art firm or music firm.

Chair Accessories

When buying a chair, the accessories that may come in handy with the chairs should be borne in mind. Some accessories like the chair-mat may be necessary to protect the flooring and ensure smooth mobility of the chair.


The size of the chair must fit the worker that is going to use it, and it must match the office space as well. The chairs should suit the users comfortably. Usually, a good office chair should measure between 15 – 17 inches from the back to the front edge of the office chair.

Chairs are usually the most frequently used piece of furniture in a workplace. They are essential to ensure productivity. That is why when buying a chair for the office, you need to buy right.