Why Is It Important To Have A Wood Chipper Machine?

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A wood chipper machine chips wood just like the name suggests, it is a heavy duty equipment that you use to clean up your yard especially during the autumn period when sticks, branches, and acorns fall into the yard. You can brush your yard and chip up branches with the chipper shredder and turn the debris into mulch.

There are different categories of the wood chipper machine such as stationary models, mobile push models that come with vacuums to clean up the leaves from the yard and towable models.

Whichever model you choose depends on what you need the chipper shredder for, so consider these things before you purchase one;

  • Will you be using the chipper shredder on a large property?
  • Are you going to use the machine with a garden tractor?
  • Will you put the machine to private or commercial use?

When you have decided what you want to use your wood chipper machine for then, you can decide on what machine to buy.

The wood chipper machine is two machines in one with the chipping part of the machine turning your trees and branches into chips and the shredding part of the machine turning waste like plants and leaves into compost. The machine turns out compost of about three inches in diameter and the wood chips and waste are ideal for a compost bin.

The average chipper shredder comes with one or two steel blades that are up to three or four inches long for the chipping process while the shredding blades that shred the wood that’s fed through the chute can range from eight to twenty-eight knives.

If you are shredding a lot of trees or just a few, you need to know whether or not to purchase a powerful machine, consider;

  • The RPM of the shredder and the engine horsepower.
  • The number of blades in the wood chipper machine as the more blades the device has, the better it works.
  • The reduction ratio of the machine.

You should also be on the lookout for specific features in the machine, you should consider;

  • If the wood chipper machine is self-feeding: check if the device has free-swinging shredding hammers that enable self-feeding.
  • If the machine has two chipping knives: chipping knives improve the cutting performance of the device.
  • If the machine has a reliable motor: Check that the machine has two ball bearings as this work to extend the engine life of the machine. Make sure that it has cast iron sleeves as this help it to withstand wear and tear.
  • Make sure that it has an OHV design and improved oil control to enable the machine work better and last longer.
  • If the machine has accessories: accessories like tractor tow bar and a vacuum kit help the device work better.
  • If it has an open shredding chamber: you may need to clear jams in the machine every now then when the shredding chamber is accessible, it is easier and safer to clear jams.

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Why You Need The Chipper Shredder

If your yard is continuously messy and challenging to manage, a chipper shredder will make things much easier especially during fall when twigs, leaves, and branches drop to the floor.

The chipper shredder clears large amounts of debris and provides many other benefits to your garden and lawn.

If you are passionate about the earth and do not approve of waste then the wood chipper machine is an ideal tool for you to work with. The machine can produce minerals and nutrients for your garden work and your lawn. The chipper part of the device converts branches and small twigs into wood chips that you can use for mulch or compost, and you can use the shredder to shred leaves that you will add to your compost pile.

Time and space
A heavy-duty tool like the chipper shred is time and space-saving. The time that you would otherwise use to pick up leaves, twigs, and branches manually is considerably shortened, and the machine quickly turns many bags of debris into one bag for easy cleaning.

You have options
Depending on the volume and type of debris that accumulates in your yard you have the option of getting a chipper shredder or a chipper shredder vacuum. You can also get both machines if you choose. The chipper shredder quickly disposes of leaves and fallen branches while the chipper shredder vacuum penetrates corners that are out of reach for the shredder with the vacuum hose.

It is essential to maintain your wood chipper machine if you want the machine to work efficiently for an extended period. You can do this by inspecting the device regularly and checking to see that the discharge does not accumulate with the processed material. If this happens, the machine will not discharge properly and there will kickback of content via the feed opening.