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How many types of shower heads are there in bathrooms?

Shower heads are devices that disperse water in a spray pattern for showering purposes. Typically, they are mounted on the shower stall or above a bathtub. It is usually connected to a water supply.

Having a shower column in a home is synonymous with being able to enjoy a private spa at home. It becomes the most relaxing time of the day and depending on how the water falls, the user can achieve different sensations in this revitalizing shower. What are the types of sprinklers that can be chosen in a bathroom column? Which is the most suitable for each need for luxury shower systems?

What are and characteristics of sprinklers?

Sprinklers are a type of modern faucet whose objective is for water to fall on the user’s body, making the sensation pleasant and pleasant. That is, they seek well-being and make the shower moment totally relaxing, like being in a spa. On the other hand, due to the aesthetics they offer, it has become another decorative element when renovating the bathroom or for new construction homes.

There are different types on the market and you have to know the determining aspects to choose the most suitable one. At wellfor.com, we have a wide variety of shower column sprinklers, so you can find the one that best suits your tastes, needs, and the style you want in your home.

shower head

Choosing the most suitable shower head for a shower column

Types of spray jet:

Sprayers that have different types of jets help the user relax their muscles or stimulate blood circulation. It is perfect for people who have muscle problems or who play sports regularly. Therefore, users who need to do this muscle activation and relaxation are recommended to opt for shower column sprayers that offer different types of jets. The difference between these types of jet is the strength and softness with which the water comes out and, when it falls on the muscles, it achieves different pleasant sensations and they are normally:

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– Waterfall

– Rain effect

– Powerful jet

Dimension of the shower column sprayer:

One of the aspects that also influences when choosing the different types of sprinklers in a shower column is the size. It is increasingly common to opt for large ones, which, in turn, are usually designed in a square format. In the market, you can find sprinklers of various diameters.

The larger the waterfall, the better it will envelop the user’s body without having to move to reach all the muscles of the body or direct the diffuser. The thermostatic column is a perfect option, with a large shower head, in this case, with a rounded shape to achieve a unique sensation.

Number of sprinkler nozzles:

Directly related to the size of the showerhead, the number of nozzles is decisive in achieving one sensation or another at the time of the shower. It can be 80, 200 or another amount. The more there are, the more space the user’s body will have in the fall of the water. If you are looking for a shower column that has a large shower head, we recommend visiting our website for the large collection.

Saving systems in sprinklers:

The sprinklers distribute water more effectively over the user, which means that shower time is reduced compared to conventional ones. When choosing the most suitable one, you must check that some sprinklers have a savings system to reduce water consumption. They work by distributing water more effectively without having to limit the water flow.

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Sprinkler material and finishes:

Another aspect to take into account when choosing luxury shower systems is the material and finish chosen. This is essential since the shower column is one of the elements that will stand out the most in the room and is directly related to the style being sought. Classic, modern, minimalist, contemporary, Mediterranean – There are many decoration styles for bathrooms and the type of shower head influences it.

Brass is the most commonly used material for bathroom column shower heads. One of its main advantages is its high resistance to oxidation and corrosion, and it is also more durable than other materials. Thanks to the fact that it is a malleable material, all types of pieces can be made easily and adapted to the needs of any project. In addition, it allows different finishes. At Wellfor, we offer, among others, gold, bronze, bronze…

At Wellfor, we want your home to become the most relaxing and pleasant space you can find. Something as simple as choosing a sprayer that suits the type of sensations you are looking for when showering will make your bathroom like a spa. Do not miss to check out our website and take a look at our extensive catalog and find the shower head and column that will radically change the style and well-being that your bathroom will offer you.