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Life Hacks-Cutting Pineapple

Some fruits are just hard to cut. Some are simply mind-boggling to get right without someone showing you. Below you will find both simple how to's and tricks that will help with those odd shaped delights.

PRO TIP=>Turn your Pineapple Upside down and place in fridge for 30 minutes before cutting. This well help with cutting, but even more important all the juices will spread back out from the bottom back into the rest of the fruit.

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How to cut a Pineapple Boat

Who knew there were so many ways to cut a pineapple. Have you ever even thought of turning your pineapple into a boat? Not a serving bowl but a boat! Well here you go, ooh and awe your dinner guests again.

Pinapple Shaping 

The coolest of all options. Not only does it show off your kitchen skills it also uses the most of your fruit. Show off your pineapple art. Have guests over and prove you are the pineapple king!

How to cut a Pinapple Serving Bowl

Why not a bowl too, heck it's already used for drinks and showing off your art skills. Why not use it as a serving tray!

The Coolest tool ever to cut Pineapple Rings

This is by far my favorite fruit cutting tool. The only downside I have found is the extra waste on bigger pineapple. There is no adjustment for size.

Turn a Pineapple into a Cup

Using the Pineapple Core tool from above its super easy to use your Pineapple as a cup for those special drinks.