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Life Hacks-Cutting POMEGRANATE

What part of the Pomegranate do you eat? A silly question-no way. It seems so strange to just eat the seeds but that is what most people do with pomegranate. The juicy and nutritious seeds gust with flavor as you eat them, and one pomegranate can hold over 600 seeds! If you want to eat the white part surrounding the seeds you can, however, you find out just how bitter it is real quick.

PRO TIP=>Roll the Pomegranate gently before cutting into it to loosen the seeds. 

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The Easiest Way to get those Delicious Pomegranate seeds out

Tricks to make your life easier. This is at the top of my list.

Make Pomegranate Juice without a machine


Another great option using a bowl of water to remove Pomegranate seeds

Health Benefits of Pomegranate