10 Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy


1) Have the right tools for the job: Having the right tools for your garden is essential. Make sure that you have a pair of gloves, hand trowel, spade, and pruners to handle general gardening tasks. These items can help you keep your plants healthy and make it easier to maintain your garden.   2)…

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How to refresh your yard – The best tricks


  Whenever it comes to selecting paint colors for the yard, we believe that the bolder the better. Choose colors that complement nature’s work, with a riot of shades of pink, red ones, yellow and blue, tangerine, lavenders, and turquoise bursting out from our pots and borders during the springtime and summertime months before fading…

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5 Lawn Tools You Need For Your Home

  If there’s one thing many of us hate doing during the summertime or fall—or any time of year, really—it’s yard work! Yard work can be time-consuming, rough, and laborious—especially if you lack the proper tools for the job! Whether you’re mowing the lawn, raking leaves, trimming trees, or planting a garden, there are many…

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10 Family Camping Tricks and Tips for 2022


  Camping has its origins in the olden times when our forebears set up camps, and dwelled in tents, moving from place to place in search of food, and it was their way of life. In this modern world, camping has become a recreation that reconnects us with nature, a sweet escape from the bustle of…

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What to Do if You Have Rats in Your Apartment

Seeing rats on the streets are bad enough, but seeing one in your apartment is another concern entirely. At first, you can try to avoid it, but the constant scratching and gnawing will make the problem hard to ignore. Though nobody wants unwanted visitors, the intrusion of rodents and wildlife is some of the most…

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Light Your Garden up With Solar Power

solar garden light

  If you are lucky enough to have your own private backyard, then you will understand how much pleasure can be gained from it.   Anyone dwelling in an apartment or condo may not appreciate the joys that can be had from relaxing in a back garden surrounded by flowers and plants, and with butterflies…

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