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I welcome any inquiries if you want to submit a guest post. It works for both of us.

I have a few ground rules. I encourage guest posting but I also need to protect the integrity of this website.

No drugs, No pharmacy, No CDB, NO Adult, No casino, No Essay, No Payday or loan sites, No crap

No spammy links in content, no city/area links in your posts.  We will not add low quality useless guest posts. All posts must be edited and ready to add. Pics must include orginal source url.

-citing sources-yes

-relevant linking-yes

-quotes from websites or company's-yes


Make the post is worth reading, Make it about teaching something or a guide. Ask a question that people will be looking for and use that to cover the topic in depth.


"how to paint a straight line"

"Are button batteries dangerous if swallowed? "

" How to fix Roku Problems"

"10 ways to save money on your kids b-day party"

"Everything you need to know about grilling brisket"

" 5 Tips for New Mothers I wish I knew"



Seriously Please Read THIS before Writing

Length-We like to see at least 1000 words

images must include a url to a copyright free source

the post must serve a purpose and have useful content. Listing general known topics that is common knowledge is not going to get posted.

HOW too's are great, teaching something, tips, guides, -these are recommended. Have an opinion post?-it's a maybe


Write For US

Guest Posting Criteria

NO adult content or links to adult sites, no pharmacy posts or links, no linking out to essay sites, no cbd posts, no payday loan posts

All articles submitted must be original and not plagiarized in any way, I will verify to check copied content or duplicate content

  1. Must be SEO compliant and also reader-friendly. I do not have time to rewrite or spend much on editing
  2. Needs to be quality and “original” content ( i will check and so should you)
  3. Minimum 1000 words
  4. How to, guides, tutorials or training guides are fantastic
  5. All images need to be relevant but most importantly  INCLUDE source link. I need to know where the picture came from to verify I can be used. You can not just link to other people pics. It has to be marked for reuse
  6. I will have total control of the content but will keep your link once accepted, I reserve the right to remove your content from my site at any time.
  7. Links provided in content must not be spammy links and I will check them, no affiliate links, But yes feel free to add links but keep it real- I don’t want a post full of just ads, there needs to be value in the information. Max two-three links.
  8. I reserve the right to change these criteria at any time
  9. thesmartconsumer.com will not be responsible for misleading or fraudulent information provided in any guest posts
  10. no spun content must be written in clear English and must make sense
  11. I will publish the article, I have the final say
  12. thesmartconsumer.com will own the content. You will certainly get credit and the value from it. But I will own it. That helps control the spin-offs of information and devaluing the content by copying it elsewhere online.

Thank you for considering guest posting on my website. If these terms are acceptable to you then, by all means, contact me and we can work something out for posting.

Once posted I will help promote it by social media as well

If interested please contact me at mikeepson1@gmail.com thank you