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Life Hacks-Watermelon

I used to avoid Watermelon just because it was such a hassle to cut. Do I cut a big slice then have to clear out the fridge to get the leftovers to fit or do I waste a bunch of time slicing the watermelon? Neither I just didnt bother until I found the best method ever and you can do It in less than a minute.

PRO TIP=>Picking the Right Melon is Key. Knock on the melon and listen for high-pitched thump, this indicates a fresher fruit. The juiciest watermelons are densely loaded with water this makes them heavier than those more dried out. Don't forget It's always a good idea to wash your fruit before cutting into it.

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The Fastest way to Cut (cube) a Watermelon

Hands down the best method ever. I will never waste my time with slices again. Anyone can do this.

Cutting Watermelon Triangles

Super easy if someone just shows you how. Plus if you watch this form the beginning you can laugh at 50 people who have no idea how to cut a watermelon.

The craziest Watermelon Hacks ever!

Are you ready to take your skills to the next level? Give these methods a try.