Roku Device Setup, Don’t Fall for the Scam!

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You finally decided to pull the plug or just join the rest of the streaming world. So much content, so much binge watching to do on Netflix and Hulu, but how do you start? Setup: DON’T PAY ANYONE TO DO THIS FOR YOU, IT’S A SCAM! (Scroll past instructions for details of the scam below) For troubleshooting your Roku Find details here.

Roku Channels

Roku Set up instructions

It’s free and easy to do yourself

Step one

Depending on which model you have you might have an on switch. Roku players may have an on switch where a Roku stick does not. Make sure if it has an on switch that it is turned on.

Plug in your Roku player to the TV using the HDMI cord (note which input you are plugging it into on your TV)


Step Two

Plug in the power cord to both the Roku and a power outlet.

Step Three

Make sure the remote has batteries. (were really breaking this down)

Step 4

Select the input on your TV that you plugged the HDMI cord into.

Step 5  You can watch the Video Below to Watch how to do it.

Begin guided setup just follow and answer the questions

Select language

Select  country

Select home or store use

Step 6

Connect Roku to the internet network

Some rokus may have a wired option but most people will be using their wireless wifi to get the signal

Select wired or wireless

Step 7

Make sure you know your network name and password

The Roku will search for networks, select yours and add the password to connect.

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If it doesn’t show up the first time, select scan again. If its not working check to make sure your internet is indeed working.

CONGRATS your connected. Now the roku will update and get your service ready and you can activate it.

If it doesn’t show up the first time, select scan again. If its not working check to make sure your internet is indeed working.


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Roku Set Up Scam

this is where the scammers come in

The scam could happen to anyone. If you do a search for Roku activation you could very easy end up clicking on a fake site. If you enter in the wrong URL you could be diverted to a fake site. Once on these fake sites they will try to get your credit card information to activate your Roku. One of two things happen you pay for a free activation or your end up giving someone your credit card information that should not have it.

What to look for these websites may say something like:

  • an independent company from Roku
  • are not charging for activation but some other scam fee
  • offer special Roku services such as configurations and problem solving (just more or the scam, this is not needed)
  • the website may offer free support and 6 months of 200 channels for 69.99
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If its not the official Roku site just stay away from these scammers.

Step 8

Once ready the screen will show a web address and a code for you to enter on a computer, tablet or phone.
Only go to this website to activate your Roku-This step is very important. Do not do a search do not enter in the wrong address.

The Only correct site to active Roku is go to ROKU.COM/LINK  or  (you can copy and paste this)

Don’t get fooled by fake sites. Type this exactly into the url bar. Do not do a search. Do not use any other site to activate your roku.

The screen will update

Step 9

Login or create a Roku account. If you don’t have one it’s time to make one. Just fill in the blanks

Step 10
Create a pin to prevent kids or others from using your account to purchase without your knowledge. Step 11
Save a payment method for purchases, you will want to do this if you plan on renting movies or buying apps. THIS IS OPTIONAL Step 12
Add channels to your device by selecting on the screen Step 13
Scroll down and continue. The device will finish updating. Congrats your ready to binge-watch, good luck making it to work on time the next day. Before you know it its 2 in the morning and your still watching TV. 

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