Buying Vs. Leasing at a Car Dealership


Buying or leasing a vehicle is a significant financial commitment that requires thoughtful contemplation.  Remember that the manufacturer’s suggested retail price listed on the Monroney sticker is merely a suggestion, not an etched-in-stone figure. Ask the dealer to reduce the price by removing unnecessary options. Buying Buying a car gives you ownership and lets you…

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How Salesforce is Redefining the Transportation and Logistics Industry

on a bus

In an age where digital transformation is not just a choice but a business imperative, the logistics industry is no exception. Salesforce, a leading platform in customer relationship management (CRM), is at the forefront of this digital wave, offering a myriad of solutions tailored for the transportation and logistics sector. The Salesforce Advantage in Transportation…

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What To Do When Your Car Breaks Down During A Road Trip

fixing car

  A road trip can be fun and memorable, allowing you to explore new places and make unforgettable memories, whether alone or with loved ones. But your adventure can be cut short if your car gives up on the way. Sometimes, this can happen, even with all the preparations to ensure it’s ready for the…

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The Vital Ins And Outs Of Car Ownership

Woman in car

Just imagine, cruising down the highway, sunroof open, music blaring. But hold up, choosing your chariot is as critical as selecting a new pair of kicks – it has to suit you just right. Let’s break it down, are you a big-city dweller that needs a nimble ride for those narrow lanes and crowded parking…

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What Parts Are Compatible With My Outboard Motor_


What Parts Are Compatible with My Outboard Motor? As a novice boat enthusiast, you might be excited to learn about your passion’s inner workings and maintenance. It’s fun to start a new hobby and learns the ins and outs of the boating world. You’ll encounter many terminologies, which can be confusing and a little daunting.…

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Common Issues You Can Run Into When You Own A Car

car in the woods

When you own a car you may just think that the money you pay ends with scheduled services, insurance, and fuel. This is far from the truth and cars can end up being money pits, especially if you have an older car. Newer cars have newer technology, which means they are less likely to spring…

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