Cleaning and Sanitation Methods You Should Know

sanitation method

To keep us healthy these days, we all need proper and safe sanitation, and there are many ways to disinfect the surfaces and objects you use daily. People use a variety of methods, from UV sanitizer light to bleach, all in order to keep our homes and workspaces safe and clean. Using proper sanitation techniques…

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How Well Do Water Based Air Purifiers Work?


Every person has resorted to using the best water-based air purifier to eliminate household pollutants. These are cost-effective solutions to solve your indoor quality air problems. They eliminate all pollutants in the house, including bacteria, mold, cooking odors, and dust mites, among others.  Individuals suffering from respiratory illnesses like allergic rhinitis and asthma should take advantage of…

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How to Clean Berber Carpet (The Best Method)

berber rug

  Needless to say, Berber carpets are elegant and improve a home’s interior appeal. They are long-lasting and stain-resistant as long as you treat them well. Even with that, cleaning will be needed at some point and you should be well equipped with dos and don’ts to avoid damaging it.  There are several methods, some…

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