What does Roku stand for

It's time to get out from under that Rock, it's time to start streaming. The Roku company has been around since 2002, simply put using this device connects internet to your TV so you can watch shows that are on the internet by sending them through this device to your TV (this is called streaming) So ROKU doesnt stand for anything or mean anything other than the company name and device. We at The Smart Consumer consider it the best streaming device available. Why, you ask? Versatility without compromise packed into a small little device that excels in user experience. If you like free channels, using netflix and streaming content then the Roku is for you. If your interested in being a cord cutter Roku can help you achieve this. Are you having issues with your Roku not working? Find out how to fix your Roku.

What does Roku do

The Roku organize free streaming TV in an easy to use platform, but that’s not all. It also feeds all your premium paid streaming services like Netflix,  hulu, prime  all in the same place. You simply add the app channels you want and log in to your paid services and you have a one stop premium shop for all your streaming needs. Very important if you get a Roku don't fall for the setup Scam and paysome to set it up for you. 

Is Roku the best Streaming Device

In our opinion it is. With affordable options and exceptional channel options the Roku proves streaming TV shows can be easy as pie. Lets dive in and compare options, features, and benefits. It takes only minutes to setup, the options start in the  low 20’s and go up from their depending on extras.

All about Roku first (the pros)

You can watch free TV and Movies or use any of the popular paid services like HBO, Netflix, HULU and any of the other popular paid options. You have access to tons of free channels that offer free shows and TV. It would be hard to count on the free channels alone for all your TV needs, but when paired with a premium service it really does make a great option for cord cutters. Roku still is a must-have even if you're not a cord cutter.

Featured Free Roku TV

This is an app or channel that come on the home screen of the Roku player. You will be able to watch in season episodes and movies free on this app. The options are big and selection changes often.  This uses Rokus partners to bring featured free shows in one place from many channels.

The Roku Channel (Free Movies and TV, literally hundreds of free movies and shows)

I got a secret for you. You don’t have to have a Roku to get this channel. Just set up an online free account and your ready to go. Use any browser to watch free streaming from Roku partners.  Live TV is shown by networks such as ABC News and Cheddar.

The Roku Channel is your best selection for free, live, and premium TV.  Roku has made it super easy to manage premium services like STARZ, EPIX and Showtime with one login and one bill all streaming in the same place as the live TV and free shows. Whys isn’t everything this easy?

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Cons of the Roku

To get local channels you will have to set up an antenna or pay for a service through one of the app channels, however there are some free news channels that offer lots of news options.

Roku Channels

For the beginners out there we going to answer some of the common questions

How much does Roku cost per month?

Roku costs a whopping 0.00 a month. After you buy a Roku ranging from the low 20’s and going up in price, you never have to pay for it again.

You do have to have a source of internet in order to access to the media to stream.

Can I watch free TV on Roku

Yes, you can. You do not have to sign up for any premium services.  You can access tons of free TV but most people find pairing it with a paid service is best.

Is Netflix free on the Roku

You add the app then you pay for the service so No it’s not free. You have to pay Netflix to use their service.

Can you watch live TV on Roku

Yes you can watch both free and paid live TV channels on the ROKU, However you will not always be able to find your local channels for your area.

Can I watch big networks live abc, fox, espn cbs on the Roku?

All of the big networks now have apps on the Roku and offer free on demand episodes. Some content you can only access with a password from a subscription.

What devices can I use for the Roku

Roku is a device. They have many choices that start cheap and get a little expensive depending on what features your looking for. You can also find a roku app in the google play store for android devices and on the apple store for ios devices and then lastly some TV’s have built in access to the Roku apps.

Do I have to have a Roku device to stream?

You  can actually use Roku through a computer or tablet as well. All you need to do is sign up for a free account.


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