How to fix Roku Problems

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Roku not working? Do a factory Reset

I hate to admit it, but one of my old roku devices is acting up. I’m tired of unplugging it to reset it so I finally found a solution. Before doing a full reset you probably should do some troubleshooting first. After you do troubleshooting and if you have to do factory reset, if this doesn’t work just replace that old dinosaur with a new one unless its under warranty than get ahold of ROKU to get it fixed. Not sure what a Roku is? Start Here

roku symbol

Sometimes setting up a Roku can be a pain. Just like printers and computers sometimes don’t want to cooperate you could have issues with your roku not working properly. 

Roku error code 009

This just means that the roku can not get on the internet. It is able to connect to your router but the internet service is not being sent to it. 

Roku error code 001

The dreaded activation issue code. Hopefully you didn’t get sucked into a scam site to do your Roku activation. Please tell me you didn’t pay to activate your device.

Did you get scammed, did you pay to activate your ROKU?

If you didn’t go to the exact url or  and instead went to some other site that does not match the url then you probably got tricked into paying for a free service or at worst you gave some scammer your credit card information. 

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If you get error code 001, just go through the activation process again. Make sure you go to the right website and enter the right code that it gives you. See Step by Step activation instructions. 

Troubleshooting Roku

Steps to do before a factory reset

First off, if you haven’t just tried unplugging your device then please start there. I’m only doing a factory reset because I’m having frequent problems with it not working. I have already done troubleshooting and nothing has worked. You don’t want to do a factory reset if you don’t have to. It’s a really pain logging back into everything.

First: always check to make sure your internet is working. Go into network setting and make sure you have a connection.

-check the status: it should say connected

-Check your signal strength and make sure its in the good to excellent range. A bad signal can cause issues running apps.

Second: System restart (not a factory Reset)

Before doing a full factory Reset let’s try doing a system restart first. This will usually fix almost all bugs or errors causing  your issues and its quick and easy so well worth the try.

1.Go to home


3.system restart

Home screen=> settings=> system=> system restart

The system will reboot and return back to the home screen. Hopefully this worked, but if it didn’t please continue below.

The good thing about doing a factory reset is that it will not reset your channel list. This list is saved in the cloud under your Roku login.

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Why should you do a reset

  • Constant issues with errors and black screens, volume, freezing or just not working properly even after troubleshooting
  • Selling it
  • Returning it


Doing a reset will unlink all of your account passwords and clear all of your personal settings.


There are two ways to factory reset a Roku

Do a hardware reset by pressing the reset button or pinhole on the device, most likely reset will be a small pinhole on the back of the device, just press and hold for 20 seconds using a paperclip then check and see if it worked


Options 2, us the settings menu

  • Using the remote control navigate to the home screen
  • Go to the settings menu and select ok on the remote
  • Choose system
  • Choose advanced system settings
  • Select factory reset
  • Follow the reset wizards on screen instructions

Once your device is reset you can log back into everything and see if it is working properly. That means logging in to your network and Roku account. Then you will also need to log back into all of your paid apps or anything else that has a username and password. 

If you’re selling the device or getting rid of it, I would still check that it worked and your information has been reset.

For Roku setup instructions go here