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Life Hacks-Cutting PaPaYa

Papaya are simple to cut and you can even eat the seeds. Make a papaya bowl or slice them up for show. Here are a few ideas below.

PRO TIP=>Cold Fruit cuts easier. Using a Sharp blade make a big difference. 

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The best way to eat a Papaya is out of the Papaya

Sure this one is giant size and you probably have never seen one this big, but look how much easier a little baby one will be to cut and eat.

How to make a papaya flower in one minute

If you are ready to show off your skills, give this one a try.

How to Slice and Cut a Papaya

Slice and dice that professional way. Heres how the pros do it.

Papaya Art Carving

Just for fun we through this in there. Some people have the most amazing skills.