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Life Hacks-Cutting Mango

How do you cut this weird shaped fruit, Mango, without wasting it? We have the tips, tools and how to's. Everything Mango Below. Want to know more? Find Fun facts and History Click Here

PRO TIP=> Cold Mangos Peel easier

PRO TIP=>Using the right tools can be game-changing. A sharp Flexible knife can help you become and expert mango designer. If you just want to cut a mango fast, buy a mango slicer.


The simplest, fastest way to cut a Mango

All it takes is a quality Mango Slicer. We Recomend the OXO MANGO Splitter.

How to dice and cube Mango

Ready to try something just a little harder? Dicing a mango is a great way to serve this delicious fruit to guests.

Cut a Mango without peeling it first

Don't feel like peeling it first? We got a simple method for you.

How to Cut a Mango Fish

I know it sounds crazy but the kids love this. Mango fish are where its at.

The easiest way to cut a Mango with a Knife

If you dont have a Mango slicer than the second best way to slice a mango is simply with a sharp paring knife.


How to Make a Mango Flower 

Why make a Mango Flower? I ask why not? Show off your serious artistic abilities with this super duper way to make a mango flower.

The Professionals making Mango Fruit Art

Wow, thats all I have to say.