12 Tips for a luxurious drive

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Do you want your car to turn heads and make an impression wherever you go? Perhaps it’s time to add a bit of luxury to your limo and a bit of style to your ride.

Luxurious motoring is about portable comfort, style and prestige. Luckily, with today’s wide availability of automotive extras these are things that any car owner can add to their vehicle – whatever the original brand and model.

Browse the internet and you’ll soon find that it’s easy to add new features and extras to enhance the driving experience and appearance of your car. 

Here are 12 ways you can make any motor feel more opulent:

Upgrade the interior

  1. The interior of a car’s cabin can greatly impact the overall feel of luxury. Check breaker’s yards – a simple job like swapping out the standard seats for leather or premium ones, using materials such as suede or Alcantara, can give the cabin a more refined look instantly. 
  2. Upgrading door panels, dashboard, and the console with sheets of premium materials, such as high-quality plastics, carbon fibre or wood, can also make the interior look and feel much more luxurious. 
  3. Even easier is adding ambient lighting, like built-in LED lights or fibre-optic accents. These can really enhance the ambiance of the cabin after dark.

Add new technology

  1. Extra auto-technology can greatly enhance the driving experience and make any car feel more luxurious. Start by adding a high-end sound system, such as a premium DAB system or a subwoofer for extra bass. 
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Improving the audio quality will create a more up-market atmosphere whenever you travel in the car. 

  1. Installing a new navigation system or infotainment unit, perhaps with TV or internet access, can also make the cabin feel like a high-tech ultra-modern environment – even if the car started off life as an average mainstream hatchback. 
  2. It’s even possible to add advanced safety features, like systems for lane-departure warnings or an adaptive cruise control systems. These fancy gadgets can also make a car feel more premium and high-end.

Improve the exterior

  1. Upgrading the exterior of a car is probably the easiest way to upgrade the style and impression a car makes on others. 

The best place to start is by adding new rims or wheels, which can transform the look of a car. Upgrading to high-performance tires can look pretty cool too  and make the car drive a whole lot better too.

  1. A new paint job or wrapping the car in coloured vinyl can also give it a fresh, higher-end appearance. Don’t just stick with the colour the car was before – why not choose a striking new colour?
  2. Upgrading the headlights, taillights, or fog lights with high-performance LED or HID bulbs can also enhance the look of the car after dark (as well as improving your visibility).

Increase comfort and convenience

Hand + Sun roof

  1. Comfort features are normally fitted as expensive optional extras when the car is new. Fitting them to an older car can make it feel more luxurious at a fraction of the cost. 
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Installing a sunroof or moonroof for example can provide more natural light and a lighter, airy cabin. 

  1. Installing a rear-view camera or parking sensors can also make parking and driving in crowded areas more convenient and safer.
  2. Personalizing a car can also make it feel more luxurious and unique. Adding custom badges, graphics, or plates can give the car a unique look – as if it was a real luxury motor. 

In luxurious conclusion…

Making a car more luxurious can involve upgrading the interior or exterior, or both. Adding new technology and features can personalize the car just as much as changing the colour does. 

The key to making a car feel more luxurious is to choose high-quality materials and features that look better than what was there before. With the right upgrades, it’s easy to transform ANY car into a more luxurious one.