5 Things You Should Do to Build the Perfect Home Office

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If you’re working from home and want to make the most out of your days, you have to create a proper workspace. If you build a great office space, you’ll look forward to working in it and will be able to get a lot more done. The space should be conducive to work, facilitate concentration, and feel comfortable. But not everyone knows what a great home office should look like and what features it should have. Let’s take a look at a few tips you can follow to create the perfect home office.

Choose the Room Carefully

The first thing you have to do is picking the right room to set up your office. It should be isolated so that you won’t be distracted by the activity inside your house. But you also have to pick a room that has plenty of natural light, as it will boost creativity, make you feel more energetic, and boost your morale.

Think twice about using a room in a basement or a garage as a home office. Choosing a garage would also mean investing a lot of money to have it transformed and insulated. The same goes for an unfinished attic space.

An attic can be good if you want access to natural light and be separate from the rest of the house, but since heat rises, this room will need more air-conditioning. Not to mention that the sun will be hitting it all day and raise the temperature even further, so you may need to spend on additional AC ducting and ventilation.

Choose the Proper Workstation

Your workstation will be the single most important element in your office, and you have to get it right. You don’t need to get something too complicated here. Buy a chair that provides proper lumbar support, padding, and allows you to move from one place to another easily. It needs to have multiple heights and inclination settings. It also has to be made from a breathable material.

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As far as the desk goes, you want to keep things as simple as possible. A nice plain desk with plenty of space will allow you to move freely. You should also consider going for an adjustable desk that can be converted into a standing desk whenever you want.

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Choose the Right Colors

The colors you pick for your home office space can have a direct effect on your mood, creativity, and productivity. Colors like green and blue are great for a home office as they evoke calm and peacefulness. Colors like yellow can help lift the mood and foster creativity, while colors like white are perfect if you want to create a distraction-free room. You can also experiment with colors like pink and warm coral hues, as they’ve been shown to improve focus and concentration.

Bring Some Nature In

Bring some natural elements inside your home office. Science has shown that the sound of flowing water is one of the best natural stress relievers, so add a water feature inside the room. It could be something as simple as a table fountain or something more sophisticated like a water wall.

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Add as much greenery as you can. Various studies have shown that people perform better in spaces with green plants. They can also improve concentration and air quality, which has also been associated with greater productivity.

Have the Proper Tech Setup

You also have to think about your PC, keyboard, monitor, and other tech accessories you’ll be using. Two things people often overlook when it comes to their setup are their mouse and keyboard. Choosing the right keyboard and mouse combo could help you be much more productive and comfortable while working.

Pick a mouse that can work on any surface and is the right size for your hands. If you have big hands, you will struggle with the average mouse, and may even start developing issues after a while. Look at some of the bigger models out there and consider alternative mouse types like vertical ergonomic ones, for instance.

As far as keyboards go, yourself a mechanical keyboard. These feel better, have better travel, and feel more natural. This could allow you to ramp your words per minute way up and will also be better for your hands in the long run.

These are all things that should be in a perfect home office. You can also make additions later, but that’s all that you need if you want to start on a solid foundation.