Timekeeping 101: 5 Types of Watches You Need to Get

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quartz watch

Watches’ primary purpose is to monitor and manage time. Still, because of the advent of technology and computer devices, many additional features and functions have been added to make it more useful, functional, and even more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. These innovations and upgrades made our timekeeping more innovative and reliable, and even fun.

Although these changes into today’s watches’ designs and functions are significant because it shows that we are going to a more technologically advanced future, there are still some types of watches that we need to avoid. Because of that, here are some of the kinds of looks that you need to get.

The Versatile Type

Even Though it feels good to buy multiple watches that you can wear for various occasions, that is only applicable for people who have the money. For the people who do not have that luxury, buying a versatile watch that can fit every outfit you will wear for every occasion, like Hamilton Khaki Field for men, is your best option.


There are multiple types of watches that you can buy on the market, but not all of them possess versatility when designing because finding a suitable outfit that suits it is hard. Having a versatile timepiece will not only help enhance your style but will also boost your confidence as well and will make you stand out in the crowd.


Quartz Watches

There’s no way you can talk about watches without mentioning quartz. Quartz watches, or silicon dioxide or sand for some people, refers to a kind of material that can be found on our planet. Most luxury watch companies create their timepieces from this material because of its outstanding durability compared to other materials used by other companies.

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Not only that, many people choose this type of watch because of its accuracy in telling time, something that is very crucial in timekeeping. All thanks to its utilization of an electronic oscillator which sends signals that cause accurate timekeeping. Because of these two impressive qualities of this type of watch, many people choose this kind of watch.


Analog Watches

Many people believe in the saying, “nothing beats the originals”; if you’re looking for proof to that phrase, then analog watches are what you are looking for. This type of watch is the most traditional kind of timepiece, for it is one of the oldest watches ever created many years back—the horologists who make them utilize the conventional way of making them.


The style of this watch consists of multiple hands with various lengths. The longest hand tells the hour, the minute hand can be identified as the second-longest, and it also has a second hand which is the shortest among the three. Many professionals prefer this kind of watch because of its elegance, and it is the type of watch that taught us how to read the time.


Divers’ Watches

Since we are talking about diver’s watches, they must be the kind that you can wear every time and anywhere. One great example is the divers watch; this type of watch is made initially for divers to monitor the time and the depth of the body of water they are in at the same time. But since diving is a great activity, this type of watch is in demand nowadays.

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divers watch

This unique type of timepiece can withstand water at a certain depth. This type of watch is ideal for swimming in any body of water like pools, lakes, rivers, and even the ocean without it breaking and without the formation of rusts. This is an excellent watch for adventurous people.

Pilot Watches

If there is a type of watch that can be worn underwater, there is also a type that can be worn in the sky. This type of watch is made for pilots to help them in flying airships. This type of watch has valuable features that are important for pilots, such as altimeters, compasses, and tachymeters used for navigation while in the air.


Watches are a huge part of our day-to-day lives; we wear them at the gym, while working, at school, and attending important events. Although everyone now has access to their smartphones for timekeeping, many still choose watches for this purpose. We also wear them not only for timekeeping purposes but also to better our fashion style. 


Watches are initially made for monitoring time, but aside from that, it also signifies pride and success. Many people wear them to earn respect and to impress the people around them. That is why it is essential to choose the best watch that will suit your lifestyle. These are only examples of wristwatches you can choose from.