7 Packing Tips for a Long-Distance Move

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According to a report by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, more people are moving out of Nashville than they are moving in. In 2022, Nashville, which was considered Tennessee’s most populated city, recorded a population decline of 11,000 residents. Many claim that despite the start-up scene in the city and the vibrant city life, the rising costs of living have made things difficult. While it is difficult to bid farewell to a city you adore, sometimes you must make tough decisions. 

Tips for a Long-Distance Move from Nashville

A move from one house to another nearby isn’t very hard. If you’re moving just a few blocks, you can even use your car to transport the items as you wrap up the things around your old residence. But when you’re thinking of relocating to another city, that’s where the trouble lies. 

First, you need to bid adieu to your friends, the restaurants you love, and the places you are familiar with. Next, you need to make sure that you pack everything carefully so that it doesn’t get damaged in the process. You also need to keep things compact so you wouldn’t have to rent a large truck, increasing your moving costs. 

So, if you’re moving from Nashville to another city in the state, or planning a cross-state move, here are some packing tips that will help you out:

1. Purchase Packing Materials

The first thing to do before you begin packing is to purchase packing materials like boxes, packing paper, tape, and bubble wrap. Make sure you have enough because you wouldn’t want it to break your momentum when darting through your to-do list. 

You could get packing supplies from stores. But if this is your first move, you can hire Nashville long distance movers, and they’ll do the packing for you—if not, they provide the materials at the very least. They can gauge what you need to pack and supply more than the appropriate number of boxes. Also, if you have excess materials, you can return them when the movers come to pick up the stuff and transport it all to the new place. 

2. Declutter and Downsize 

When you start packing, you will find many things you have long forgotten. Or you might have some pieces of furniture that are too old. When you move to your new place, chances are that the old furniture might break apart. And the things that you found stashed at the back of your cupboard will again find a new spot to hide. 

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So, it is better to declutter your stuff and reduce the number of things you’re carrying. Remember, you pay for every inch of space your stuff takes up in the truck for your long-distance move. Even if you have an emotional attachment to your things, you must choose wisely what you need in your new residence.

3. Start Early 

Because you must specify your date of departure to your landlord or the new owners in a long-distance move, you should pack all your stuff by the selected date. 

If you don’t start early, you could increase your anxiety and stress as you approach moving day. So, you may just start throwing things in boxes for the move. When this happens, chances are that many of your precious things will get damaged. Also, if you don’t pack them properly and wrap the fragile items, the shuffling along the way will damage them. 

Starting early also gives you the time to organize your things in boxes. This way, you know which box has what when you start unpacking in the new place. 

4. Pack Less-Used Things First

Pack items you don’t use first. This way, items you need to get through the day, like kitchen essentials, will be at the top of your moving boxes. You can also deconstruct large cabinets and dining tables first, so you have ample time to pack them properly and secure them with bubble wrap and packing material for the move. 

5. Use Plastic Bins and Tubs 

Plastic tubs and Tupperware are great for storage around the house. But it is also great for keeping things together when moving long-distance. So, you could keep all the kitchen essentials in one box and stationery in another. 

Another benefit is that it is easy to open and reopen. So, you could keep everything you’re using until the last moment in these boxes. Invest in high-quality plastic tubs and bins because flimsy material can break and damage the items inside. 

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6. Don’t Pack Clothes Separately 

Apart from the expensive dresses, don’t waste storage space for packing your clothes; you can use these clothes to wrap around fragile vases and crockery sets. Also, you can use these clothes to make your box tight so there’s no room for the things inside to get damaged because of the shuffling around and clattering along the way. 

You can keep clothes that you need immediately in plastic boxes so that you can open and close them easily. Then on the weekends, when you are free, you can unpack and upcycle those plastic boxes. 

7. Hire Help for Packing 

If you are moving out of Nashville because of the property tax hike, you wouldn’t want to stay there for long and increase your living expenses. Nashville long-distance movers can help you pack everything swiftly, so you can focus on how you’re going to adjust in the new city. 

Also, when you hire professional help, they will carefully pack everything they find fragile. This way, your things are safe from damage during the big move. You can also keep track of the shipment online so you know how long you need to wait for your things so you can finally unpack in your new house. 

Final Thoughts

Nashville is the most populous city in Tennessee. Unfortunately, the city’s livability is declining due to rising housing costs. 

But for those moving, the situation doesn’t only entail bidding farewell to the city they’re used to. Planning a move from Nashville to another city means the added stress of adjusting to a new city and a new job. It also includes the difficulty of packing things up before the big move. Packing can be the most difficult part of moving for many. Doing it all within time, keeping them safe during the long journey, and resetting them in the new place can be stressful unless you follow the tips above.