Affordable Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier

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stainless straw

Some people say we rely too much on technology and innovation these days, but they’ve never seen these inventions. While there are some timeless classics that will never fade, most technology is designed to improve rather than replace our method of doing things. With these five budget-friendly items, you can make life just a little bit easier each day. You may also find that there are even more products out there you can integrate to solve problems and start enjoying things with less stress and hassle.

Stainless Steel Straw Set

Plastic is horrible for the environment, and many drinks work havoc on your teeth. Coffee and dark teas are especially corrosive, and they can leave hard stains in addition to stripping down the protective layer of enamel. If you have goals for a healthy lifestyle this is a small way to work towards them. Not only are you protecting your oral health you will help the health of the planet as well. Reduce waste and keep your smile bright by purchasing a set of multiple length stainless steel straws. You can carry them with you wherever you go, so you’ll always be able to sip in style.

Power Strip Tower

It seems like there’s never enough outlets for our phones, tablets, computers, and other tech. Your workspace can quickly become frustrating with an unseemly pile of never-ending wires. Skip the untangling or trading one outlet for another. Get a desktop power strip tower that features 10 electrical outlets and four USB ports. Organizing your home workspace can also boost productivity, which may help you start to tackle other areas in your life more easily as well. One of the biggest stressors people face is money, especially debt and monthly bills. Personal loans from a private lender may improve any financial outlook. Loans may not seem like the best option when you want to get out of debt, but they can actually give you the money you need to pay off dues and reclaim financial freedom.

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Ironing Blanket

You may not have the space to sprawl out an ironing board, or the chore could be so tedious that you find yourself choosing wrinkles over the hassle. But with this foldable ironing blanket, you’ll be able to easily iron your clothes at home or when you travel. The quilted, heat resistant fabric prevents burns and scalding while providing a smooth workspace for any type of garment.

Soap Dispensing Brush

Washing dishes can be one of the most dreaded household chores, but it’s less messy thanks to this dispensing brush. Easily scrub and scour your plates, bowls, pots, and pans while adding soap to lather as needed. You’ll be able to use less product for better results, saving yourself money on dish washing soap. A plastic holder allows you to easily store the brush on the counter while catching water to avoid leaks and puddles. You’ll be able to wash your dishes much faster in less time, adding just a bit more convenience to your evening routine.

Portable LED Lights

LED lights last longer, use less power and can be the perfect way to add some mood lighting to any room. Place these portable LED lights in your closet, along staircases, hallways or along workspaces for better illumination and ambiance. Motion-sensor technology makes these a great home improvement for the elderly or anyone who lives in a darkly lit area. You’ll never have to stub your toe in the middle of the night again.