Bathroom Design Trends That Are Hot In 2023

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Bathrooms are one of the most used spaces in a house, so it only makes sense for them to be more than just functional spaces. They should be on-trend and aesthetically pleasing. 

But how do you make a room with that limited square footage exciting? Do you have to choose between function and style? Should you leave out the luxury touches?

The answer is no! You can have it all. The key is to plan it well and use every inch of floor space (and vertical space) available. 

Aren’t bathroom remodeling projects crazy expensive?

Well, as Tampans, you have nothing to worry about. The Big Guava’s housing and utility are cheaper than many other cities, so there is more room to splurge. Plus, since bathrooms are smaller than other areas in the home, it is easier to keep costs down without sacrificing quality (or style)

So, what are some hot trends you can employ to give your bathroom a fresh look? Let’s have a look. 

Dramatic Gothic

Vertical elements, dark and rich color tones, and modern brass fixtures – that’s the Dramatic Gothic look. 

Add a claw-foot tub, hexagon black marble flooring, and an angular sink with golden rims for a classic look from the Victorian era. If your bathroom is small, you can still incorporate this look with jewel-tone walls, a dark wood vanity, and plenty of gold accents. Make sure to stay away from clutter – opt for sleek fixtures and accessories instead. 

The trick is to keep everything minimalistic yet edgy with this trend. If you’re going from vanilla to Dramatic Gothic, you’ll have to get the professionals on board. Use the keyword “Tampa bathroom remodeling company near me” to get in touch with a reliable team in your area. 

Danish Pastels

Remember 2020’s TikTok trend of rosy pink walls, natural lighting, and Scandinavian furniture? Well, it has made its way to the bathroom scene too. 

Pink, blue, and green are popular in bathrooms that give off a cheery, calming energy – perfect for a morning routine. Pick gothic brass hardware and art deco-inspired tiles to complete the look. 

The Danish Pastels trend also puts forward the use of basic shapes but with a modern twist. Think round mirrors and rectangular vanities.

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Soothing Showers 

Your shower experience is about to hit the jackpot – rain showers with adjustable sprays are the in-trend. 

An oversized showerhead, an alcove space, and mosaic tiles – just what you want to relax after a long day. Add in a bench for an extra touch of luxury, and you’ll never want to leave your bathroom in the morning. 

You can also incorporate walk-in showers with oversized marble tiles and shelving space. Make sure to select soothing colors such as light blues, greys, and whites that will bring you a sense of calm. Or how about a color-changing lighting system? Now that’s as cool as it gets!

Natural Elements 

The natural look never gets out of style. It makes any space look fresh and inviting, bringing a sense of calm.

This trend involves using natural elements like wood, stone, and plants in your bathroom design. You can go with an all-white interior and choose a light brown wooden vanity to compliment it. 

Since natural lighting is a major element in this trend, install an oversized window that brings in plenty of sunshine. You can also add a skylight to your bathroom for an extra dreamy look. 

When it comes to accessories, nothing beats the greens here. Keep a succulent in a pot on the vanity and hang some eucalyptus. Select vibrant plants like the tropical lucky bamboo or a fiddle-leaf fig if you prefer loud and bold vibes. Use tall and prominent planters to bring in the drama. 

Eclectic Artwork 

The bathroom is no longer just a spot for basic grooming – it’s also the perfect place to bring out your quirky style. 

Choose bold artwork, vibrant colors, and statement fixtures to create an eclectic look. Hang a bright abstract painting above the bathtub, opt for printed tile patterns like Moroccan or Spanish, and decorate the walls with modern art. 

If you don’t want to make any major changes, you can always replace the shower curtain or bath mat for an instant makeover. Geometric prints work best for this! 

Unique Fixtures 

That old-school bathtub? Time for a change! It’s the perfect time to give your bathroom a makeover and ditch those mundane fixtures. 

Unique faucets are all the rage right now. Whether it is brass or gold, choose something that stands out. Or go for a statement bathtub like the freestanding ones with a sculptural form. 

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You can also mix and match different materials to complement each other. For instance, use matte black and copper fixtures and marble tiles paired with wood shelves. And please, get that freestanding basin – it’s everything!

Back-Lit Mirrors

If you thought the trend of bathroom mirrors was outdated, think again. The latest trend involves back-lit mirrors. They create an alluring atmosphere in the bathroom that you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, it doubles up as a nightlight – how convenient is that! 

You don’t have to opt for an expensive option – LED bulbs are cheap and easy to install. If you have the budget, choose a mirror with built-in lights and dimmers for the ultimate spa experience. If your bathroom is small, you can opt for an illuminated shelf to add depth and dimension.

You can also install a heating pad behind the mirror to keep it fog-free. No blurry morning faces! 

Bold Walls

It’s time to step away from plain white and neutral walls. Bold colors, vibrant tiles, and daring patterns are the names of this game. 

If you have a large bathroom space, go for a darker or brighter shade like navy blue, burgundy, emerald green, or mustard yellow. You can also choose patterned tiles and interesting wallpapers to get the job done. Murals are also a hot trend right now. 

If you want to add some architectural elements, go for a curved wall or archways. Who said bathrooms can’t be fun? 


So, what do you think? Is it time for your dull and drab space to become Vogue-level good? If yes, these bathroom trends in 2023 are a good place to start. We have included something for every taste, so you can pick whatever matches your sense of style.

A good idea is to select a focal element in the bathroom – like an art installation or mural – and then design around it. That way, you can create something unique that speaks to your personal style. We recommend working with the professionals to avoid unpleasant surprises along the way. They’ll guide you on material, color scheme, and size.