The Best Christmas Tree Stand

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Krinner Christmas Tree Genie XXL Christmas Tree Stand

Our Top Pick for 2019: Krinner Christmas Tree Genie XXL Christmas Tree Stand

As the weather grows colder in the fall, Christmas slowly approaches too. The retail shops will tell you loud and clear that shopping, cheer and egg-nog drinks are your priorities now. The ubiquitous Christmas tree is usually the next on your to-do list. The scent of pine needles spreading through the house is part of the holiday tradition. However, you want that tree to be as secure as possible in its stand. You don’t want to be the star on those Internet videos featuring a tree toppling over at the most inopportune moment. With that concern in mind, it’s time to take a close look at today’s best Christmas tree stands so that you can be ready for that tall evergreen this December.

Quick Look of Our 4 Best Christmas Tree Stands:


#1. Krinner Christmas Tree Genie XXL Christmas Tree Stand

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The top Christmas tree stand pick for many consumers is the Krinner Genie XXL model. Most households are used to those old-fashioned stands that have four, finger screws attached to a wobbly base. The Krinner model is a completely different design, however. It’s made in Germany, which gives it an exotic feel for stateside residents. With a dark-green hue, this base can blend in with your tree skirt while still looking attractive if it’s uncovered.

One of the major benefits to the Krinner stand is its shape. You might be accustomed to a bowl-like stand that has extending legs stretching outward. This stand, however, has an almost enclosed appearance. When you look at it from a top-side view, it looks like a green donut with a dark, center point. The water that’s stored within this area is virtually trapped so that no leaks will be issues underneath the tree. The circular shape means that no legs are pressing against your floor or carpet where they can create indentations for the long term. Consumers appreciate the stand’s shape because it can be stored much more easily than other brands. The only part that does stand out from the base is the foot pedal.

You might be curious about the foot pedal because most Christmas tree stands don’t normally have this feature. Krinner advertises the stand as one of the simplest models to use for any adult. Typically, you slide the trunk into the base and press on the foot pedal. After pumping the pedal several times, you’re actively forcing the stand’s clamps against the trunk. There’s no need to venture down on your hands and knees to tighten the clamps. Although this action is true in some instances, several consumers have noted that they still need to adjust the trunk at the base by using their hands. Afterward, the foot pedal is used without any issues.

A common problem seen almost every Christmas is matching the stand to the tree-trunk’s diameter. Last year, the family bought a small, five-foot tree with a narrow trunk. This year, however, you decided on a 10-foot tree with a thick base. Most tree stands aren’t versatile for these conditions, but the Krinner model is different. Select a tree-trunk diameter of up to seven-inches wide, and it will still fit in the stand. The base itself has a 20-inch wide dimension, which allows it to support these tree sizes. Unless the tree isn’t properly secured, the stand will hold a huge specimen during the entire holiday season.

When you purchase a basic tree stand, it might come with a short warranty period, such as 90 days. Krinner understands that their product is an investment in your holiday decorations. With this fact in mind, the Genie XXL stand comes with a five-year warranty. You may need to fill out a registration card, and mail it in with a receipt of purchase. However, this extra effort allows you to have repairs or replacements on your stand for the full, five years. This warranty perk makes many consumers look twice at the Krinner model before trying a less expensive product.

An ingenious feature incorporated into the Genie XXL is the water-level indicator. There’s a simple float that sticks up out of the stand as you fill it with water. As the tree drinks its water, the float will indicate the changing conditions. When it’s time to fill the stand, the float tells the family that it’s time. Because the stand is enclosed, this indicator allows you to water the tree without accidentally overflowing the reservoir. There is no overflow tray, which some consumers note is concerning. However, you shouldn’t need a tray if the float gives you an accurate view of the water level.

As the most sturdy base on the market today, the Krinner model does have a price tag to reflect that quality design. Although you may be concerned about the price, it’s important to look at the stand as a long-term investment. You won’t use it only one Christmas because it’s meant to last for five years or longer. In the end, you’ll have a stand that’s perfect for any tree size that you prefer.

#2. Emerald Innovations XTS3 Swivel Straight Tree Stand

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A unique addition to the Christmas-tree world is the XTS3 Swivel Straight model from Emerald Innovations. It looks similar to the Krinner model, but it has a distinct dome that makes it stand out from the crowd. This stand may appear to be complicated, but it merely has some extra features that make its use much easier for the entire family. In fact, some consumers report that they only need one person to successfully move the tree into place by using this swivel stand.

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This tree stand comes with a separate trunk sleeve and base. When you bring your tree home, fit the sleeve onto the trunk as it’s laying down on the ground. Adjust the sleeve until it’s comfortably snug on the tree. With the base on the floor, simply tilt the tree into it. The smooth sleeve allows you to slide the tree into the base with ease instead of struggling with the trunk’s imperfections, such as the notches and knots.

Your tree may be in the base, but no trunk is ever straight at this point. The manufacturer added a foot pedal to the base that’s easily hidden when it’s not in use. Pull the foot pedal out, and press it as necessary to adjust the tree’s tilt. The base also has the swivel feature in order to give you even more versatility during the straightening session. A perfectly straight trunk gives the family a secure tree that will almost never topple over from its own weight.

Consumers who’ve purchased the Swivel Straight are generally happy with the screw bolts that come with the base. The bolts have a solid, end piece that’s comfortable to the touch. You can tighten these bolts without hurting your hands. There are only three bolts, which some consumers consider a drawback. However, three bolts creates a triangular force against the tree’s trunk. This strength is often comparable to a four-bolt system on other stand models. Simply tighten the bolts with a diagonal strategy in order to divide the forces out between all of the stand’s sides.

The manufacturer advertises the stand with an impact-grade polymer construction. This specialized plastic makes the stand rust-resistant and flexible with changing temperatures. Some consumers, however, report that the bolts can break through this polymer construction during the tightening process. It’s possible that a manufacturing defect might be involved in these cases, however. Most stands work well when they’re used with average-size trees, such as six- or seven-feet tall. Overloading the stand will put strain on it that may create problems with the polymer design.

Don’t forget to drain the stand as you put all of the Christmas decorations away. This stand comes with drainage slots that give you a chance to empty all of the moisture before moving the tree. You’ll appreciate the clean disassembly as the new year approaches. Cleaning up both spilled water and pine needles isn’t necessary with the Swivel Straight stand.


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#3. Swivel Straight Tree Stand

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The 20-inch Swivel Straight stand is a low-cost version of the XTS3 model. Both of these stands have a polymer construction with a deep-green color. If you’ve never experienced a swivel stand before, this model is a perfect starter product. You’ll be able to use the stand with a wide variety of tree sizes as each passing year brings Christmas yet again.

This tree stand comes with the same sleeve and base construction seen with the XTS3. Ideally, you should take the sleeve component with you as tree shopping commences. When you discover the perfect tree, you can immediately add the sleeve to the trunk. If it doesn’t fit, ask the tree lot’s personnel to trim the trunk down. They have the necessary tools to cut off any small branches and shave the trunk edges. When the sleeve slides on with ease, you’re halfway done with the stand-setup procedure.

This tree stand is advertised to fit a tree that’s 12-feet tall. Consumers note, however, that the trunk is too wide at this tree height. Use your common sense when you shop for a tree that matches the swivel base. Tree trunks can be slightly trimmed, but they shouldn’t be narrowed down too much. The trunk may snap off from the weight above as a result. Look for a nine-foot tree, and compare it to the base. Certain tree species will have a narrow trunk compared to a tall height. You simply need to find the right match for your product.

As you center the tree in the stand, adding water to it is the next step. This stand offers a large, two-gallon reservoir for ample water supplies. It isn’t necessary to water the tree every day because there will be enough volume for several days. Be aware that the trunk’s dimensions will offset the water level, however. You won’t be able to fill the reservoir to the maximum value because the trunk will take up some of the space. A large, tree trunk can still have enough water with this tree stand’s design.

This stand does come with a handy swivel feature that provides 360-degrees of movement. Once the trunk is safely in the base, you can use the pedal in order to turn the tree in the perfect direction. There’s often a “good” side to your tree, and the swivel feature gives you a chance to find that area without manually turning it.

Use caution while accessing the foot pedal. Some consumers have reported broken materials and mechanisms if they press the pedal too hard or at an unusual angle. Swing the pedal out, press it and complete the tree-straightening procedure with ease. You’ll be pleased to use this product each winter.

#4. Fresh Cut Tree Stand

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When you really want a quality but low-cost tree stand, the Fresh Cut model by Holiday Time is a perfect choice. In fact, it might be mistaken for a pet-food dish at first because the clamping bolts need to be self-threaded into the sides after you receive it. Most consumers report that they find this stand appropriate for their basic, holiday-decorating needs. As a budget-friendly selection, the Fresh Cut model is worth a second look as you shop around.

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Ideally, use this stand for trees that are around seven-feet tall. This height corresponds to a trunk diameter that’s perfectly matched to the product’s shape. Some consumers report that a four-foot tree is just too small for the bolts’ lengths. They won’t clamp onto the trunk with any force. It’s possible to buy other bolt lengths for this stand, but you should be able to use the provided fasteners with the right tree size.

One drawback to this stand is its weight. When it’s empty, it weighs less than two pounds. As you slide the tree into the base, you may have issues with it sliding on the floor. When you add water to the stand, however, the weight will increase. It’s important to note that the base might tip with enough force on the branches. Try to keep animals and children away from the tree for the safest stand use.

Along with the four bolts surrounding the stand’s rim, the product also comes with some small spikes within the interior. As you press the tree trunk into the stand, the small spikes should grab onto the bottom section. These spikes aren’t heavy-duty types so you can’t rely on them to hold the bulk of the tree’s weight. However, they’re helpful when you’re arranging the tree in the stand because they’ll hold it steady for a short time period.

Consumers appreciate the base’s simple design with a deep interior and no-spill rim. Unless the tree topples over completely, leaks are almost impossible with this product. The base has a circular shape, which allows it to spread the tree’s weight across the floor. You won’t have any scratches on the flooring as a result.

Use caution when you first thread the bolts into the stand’s holes. You don’t want to cross-thread any areas, which can reduce the bolting strength of the stand. Once the bolts are in place, you can tighten or loosen them with ease. Typically, you keep the bolts within the threaded holes for the duration of the stand’s life. It’s a rare occasion when you’ll need to remove them entirely.

Pre-purchase considerations

Tree-Trunk Size

Most families have a good idea about the tree size that they’ll always buy during the holidays. If you have a small apartment, your ceiling height won’t afford the space that’s necessary for a 10-foot tall tree. In this case, you can purchase a low-cost stand that’s meant for small trees. Families who want some versatility in their tree choices should look for a stand that’s flexible with the trunk diameters. You’ll be able to pick and choose your trees each year, and there’s no worries about the diameter size matching the stand. Simply take a look at your tree-buying habits in the past, and allow those trunk diameters to guide your purchasing decisions.

Clamping Mechanism

Today’s tree-stand manufacturers are finding new ways to hold your trunk in place. If you want the very best clamping mechanism, spiked clamps with a foot-pedal component are top-of-the-line selections. It’s nearly impossible to tip these trees over. However, low-cost stands with screw bolts are still viable options. Look for stands with a minimum of three bolts, but four screws are usually a better design in the end. Some of these bolts have a sliding mechanism that allows them to be roughly adjusted before you need to manually turn them. Pick bolts with comfortable handles in order for every household member to have an easy time during the tree assembly.

Water and Drainage

Take a close look at the stand that you want, and verify how it’s meant to be drained. Some products don’t come with any drainage holes. The concept behind these designs is reduced leakage possibilities. However, some consumers report that these products are harder to handle when the water can only be drained once the tree is removed from the stand. You’ll need to make a decision based on your personal ideas on the subject. Choose a stand that has a drainage hole if you want an easy time with water removal. Be aware, however, that some leaks can occur at these junction points.

Stand Weight

The stand’s weight is an important factor to consider because it must support and offset the tree’s forces. Always follow the stand’s instructions in regards to tree height. Don’t try to add a huge tree to a stand meant for a petite evergreen. Typical tree stands range from less than two pounds to almost nine pounds in weight. Large trees require a heavy stand in order to remain upright at all times. Keep in mind that the water component isn’t part of the product’s advertised weight. The stand will be heavier once you add the water into the reservoir. You might gain a pound or more to your stand when enough water is inside of the product.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Your chosen tree stand should last for several Christmas seasons with the right care. Carefully remove the stand from the tree as you take down all of the holiday decorations. Empty the stand’s water, and wipe all of its surfaces clean. Allowing tree debris and moisture to reside in the stand will only reduce its lifespan over time. When you store a clean stand in your garage, it will emerge next Christmas in perfect, working condition. The stand investment that you made one winter season will save you money over time as it keeps every tree secure and your family safe from accidental falls.