Best Sheets To Keep You Cool At Night

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Tropical countries are beautiful, colorful and pleasant to live in but they are mostly hot all year round, and hot weather can be unbearable and little things that take the edge off, go a long way. Cool sheets are the best sheets to keep you cool at night. They can make hot summer nights more uncomfortable, so cool sheets are the way to go.

There is a variety of cool bed linen that you can choose from, and bed sheets are made from different materials, the most popular of which is cotton. When you want to purchase your bed linen, you should go for the ones that will suit your bed, think in terms of style, function, and comfort. As much as you want the best sheets to keep you cool at night, know that there will be cold nights and you will want your sheets to keep you warm on these nights.

When you decide what you want, there are several places you can get them from including department stores and online shops, and there are a variety of colors and types.

There are a few tips you can consider to help you pick out the best sheets to keep you cool at night for tropical weather.

Thread Count
This is the total amount of threads used in making the material, per square inch. Some people believe that a high number of threads means that the sheet will be softer, this may not be entirely true but thread count is a good sign of the quality of the sheets and a decent thread count is between 200 and 800. But for the hot summer weather, it is advisable to go with a thread count of about 300 to 400 and to feel the fabric before you purchase the sheet.

If you like heavy and breathable ones, then cotton are the best sheets to keep you cool at night. However, If you prefer lighter sheets, you should consider going for silk and satin sheets, although you should keep in mind that these materials tend to trap more heat even though they are lightweight.

Sheets produced from natural fiber are usually the best quality that you will find because they are more breathable and they encourage good air circulation. Natural fiber sheets are moisture wicking, unlike the synthetic types that trap in your sweat. Always go for 100% natural fiber, a few of them are satin, jersey, bamboo, and silk.

best sheets to keep you cool at night

If you are into good aesthetics, then the color of your sheets will matter as much to you as all the other factors when you want to purchase bed linen. Apart from aesthetics, the color you choose also plays a part in keeping you warm or cool. White sheets and light colors, in general, reflect light and reduce heat.

Sheets fall into different categories, each with its advantages and disadvantages if you do not know what to look out for when buying your bed linen you could end up confused. Some of the categories you can choose from include;

Silk bed sheets
Silk sheets usually fall on the costlier end, and it’s easy to see why. Not only are they pretty, but they also feel comfortable and luxurious, and they do a pretty good job of regulating body temperature while you sleep. If you do intend to buy silk sheets, make sure you go for 100% natural fiber as sheets that blend silk with materials like polyester or nylon is not as good and won’t make you comfortable in hot weather.

Cotton sheets
Cotton sheets are one of the most popular types of sheets that people use; they are generally of good quality, affordable and widely available. Cotton fabric is also breathable, lightweight and ideal for any weather. Cotton ranges in price and quality, and it is in different forms of weaves such as;

Jersey sheets are moisture wicking, and they promote air circulation, so they are suitable for either hot or cool weather. Jersey’s best sheets to keep you cool at night are made from pure Egyptian cotton, and they are often a good choice to make.

Satin is the less expensive alternative to silk; it is also comparable in feel and texture to silk. Satin sheets usually have a dull finish on one side and smooth, lustrous finish on the reverse side. Satin sheets also range in quality and price, some may be watered down with other materials like rayon, and some are pure cotton, always be on the lookout for the most refined forms.

This type of cotton has a crisp feel, and it is the most durable of the lot, it also has a high thread count and good texture.

Wool sheets
Wool is always a welcome option for temperate climates as it is widely viewed as a warm material. Some types of wool such as hand-knit wool will keep you cool in hot weather and keep you warm in cool weather as they are insulators. They also soak up moisture and sweat from the body. Lightweight wool sheets are safe to use and easy to wash, however, try not to buy standard or regular wool as it will you hot.

The best sheets to keep you cool at night are a must in a tropical climate, they will make a lot of difference during those hot summer months so you won’t spend night after night tossing and turning in bed. It is also essential to always for 100% natural fiber sheets as they are breathable, they promote good air circulation, wick away moisture and perspiration and keep you cool. Synthetic fabric or watered down fabric, on the other hand, is stifling in hot weather. Silk sheets are often the most luxurious but the overall best material is 100% Egyptian cotton, they have good texture, they are comfortable, breathable and affordable.