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Top Rated Zinc Supplements

Our Top Pick for 2019: Pure Micronutrients Pure Zinc

The human body is a very complicated organism. In order to function properly, it requires the right balance of minerals. The majority of the minerals that we need to live we get from eating a balanced diet that includes meat, fruit, and vegetables. Unfortunately, eating a balanced diet is a lot easier said than done. As a result, people develop mineral deficiencies. For example, they may develop a zinc deficiency and as a result have trouble with their immune system and have difficulties addressing ear infections, respiratory infections, or even the common cold. In children, a zinc deficiency can lead to stunted growth and acute diarrhea. For this reason, many people take zinc supplements to get their body working the way that it should.

In this review, we are going to look at three zinc supplements that are available online. We have separated them into gold, silver, and bronze categories. As we do in all of our reviews, at the end we will also look at one budget option that you may find as a suitable option.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Pure Micronutrients Pure Zinc


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Pure Micronutrients Pure Zinc has been selected as our gold product because it is a high quality zinc supplement that is made to be kind on the stomach and provide noticeable results. Pure Micronutrients Pure Zinc is produced in the United States. It is practitioner approved and is a premium chelated zinc supplement.

The Pure Micronutrients Pure Zinc supplement provides a highly observable and highly tolerable form of zinc. These two features are very important in any vitamin or any mineral supplement that you take. It is counterproductive to take a supplement that your body does not tolerate or that causes your stomach to be upset or may even lead to vomiting. At the same time, it is ineffective to take a supplement that your body cannot absorb quickly. In order to be effective, your body should be able to absorb the mineral in the supplement within 20 minutes.

Pure Micronutrients Pure Zinc has 25 mg of Bisglycinate TRACCS per serving. This is a higher quality of zinc that has the ability to adhere itself to the amino acid glycine. As a result, when it is in the small intestines, it breaks down easily. When you purchase products that have an inferior form of zinc, you need to take it with food. If not, it can really upset your stomach and leave you feeling nauseous or in some scenarios actually cause you to vomit. Pure zinc can be ingested on an empty stomach. It is easily absorbed and distributed throughout the body.

Something that we really liked about Pure Micronutrients Pure Zinc was that it is designed to be free of a lot of the fillers and preservatives that you might find in other supplements. Pure Micronutrients Pure Zinc is non-GMO. It does not have magnesium stearate, and it is not packed with sugar or salt. Pure Micronutrients Pure Zinc can be ingested by individuals who have certain allergies because it is free of gluten, it does not contain eggs, it does not contain soy, and there is no dairy, yeast, or preservatives. The purity and integrity of the supplement is maintained by avoiding adding artificial flavors or colors. It does have maltodextrin as an ingredient, which is a derivative of corn. But this does nothing to affect the purity of the product.

Pure Micronutrients prides themselves on producing their supplements in a clean and sterile environment. They use a stringent cleaning process to guarantee that there is no cross-contamination with the supplements that they produce. They use a GMP certified manufacturer and are adamant about having all of their products produced with the highest quality ingredients.

The capsules are made from gelatin, which is sourced from bovine. So they are not vegan, but they are designed to be easily absorbed by the body without upsetting your stomach.

This is a perfect supplement to be used by pregnant women, adults who have a zinc deficiency, as well as growing teenagers who need to make sure that they get enough zinc in their diet to promote healthy growth.

The reviewers on really enjoy using this product. It has received scores of reviews, and reviewers have given the product a stellar 4.9 out of 5 stars. One reviewer said that she was so happy that after taking zinc supplements for years, she found one that she was able to take without being left with pain or feeling nauseous. She explained how she had tried all forms of zinc from chewables to powders that you mix with warm water. She concludes that the formula used with this product is amazing.

Another reviewer said that she can take this on an empty stomach without getting sick. She commented that other zinc supplements, even if she took them with food would make her want to throw up. But she did not experience those same symptoms with this product.

One reviewer listed the benefits that she receives from using this product as the capsules being easy to swallow, there being no aftertaste, the product being free from impurities, and that she only needs to use one tablet in order to get the amount of zinc she needs in her daily diet.

#2. Solgar Chelated Zinc Tablets


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Since 1947, Solgar has been producing high quality nutritional supplements. Their mission for more than six decades has been to provide their clients with science based nutritional supplements with the goal of improving their health and well-being. Their focus is not only producing supplements, but also to guide customers through their use.

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Solgar Chelated Zinc Tablets are designed to support cell growth and the formation of DNA. They work with a person’s immune system to strengthen their health and encourage antioxidant activity. The chelated form of zinc used in this product makes it easier for your body to absorb it.

Solgar Chelated Zinc Tablets are not just cheap supplements. Reviewers on compared the quality of this product with cheaper products they have taken. Everyone who did this comparison noticed a marked improvement in the way that they felt and the way that their skin and hair looked after taking this supplement. A reviewer talked about a negative experience she had taking a cheap zinc gluconate, saying that the only thing it did was upset her stomach. However, when she took the Solgar supplements, she did not experience an upset stomach even if she ingested the supplement on an empty stomach.

When you look at the reviews that other people have made about this product, it is surprising to see how big of an impact it has had on their lives. A reviewer who said that this product is a keeper was battling constipation for two decades. After taking the zinc tablets and coconut oil, the symptoms cleared up. Another reviewer was battling acne for 20 years. A few weeks after taking the product, she noticed that her skin started to clear up and now her breakouts have stopped completely. She comments on how she has had acne problems every single day for the past two decades, and now after purchasing this product because of a suggestion made by a doctor, she has gone more than a month without having an acne breakout. She concluded her review by saying that she wished she had this product 20 years ago as it would have saved her a lot of frustration and embarrassment.

Solgar Chelated Zinc Tablets are free of any animal byproducts. For this reason, they are marketed as being suitable for vegans. Each bottle has 250 tablets that are free from sugars, starches, and salts. Each tablet provides 22 mg of zinc.


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#3. Now Foods Zinc Gluconate 50mg Tablets


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We have chosen the Now Foods Zinc Gluconate supplement as our bronze product because of its high quality and some of its unique qualities. The bottle comes with 250 tablets, which according to the serving size means that will last for 250 days.

It has been proven time and again at that zinc is a mineral that is essential for enzymatic functions. It’s primarily found in the brain, liver, kidneys, and pancreas. Overall, it helps to support a healthy immune system and plays an important role in antioxidant systems in the body. Individuals take a zinc supplement for a variety of reasons, including to boost their immune system.

Amazon reviewers have a high opinion of this product. More than 67 percent of the individuals who rated the product gave it a perfect score. Overall, Amazon reviewers have given this product 4.4 out of five star rating. Most individuals agree that the value of the product is great and has been able to help them deal with a variety of health problems.

One Amazon reviewer gave the product a very detailed review. They listed the advantages and disadvantages of the Now Foods Zinc Gluconate supplement. The advantages included the fact that it is affordable, the absorption rate is adequate, and it does not contain any copper. They also like the fact that zinc gluconate is lower in cadmium than other forms of zinc supplements. The one disadvantage they mentioned was that if you take one tablet of 50 MG each day, then you will not need to be concerned about a copper deficiency. However, if you take more than one a day, it is important to include copper rich foods in your diet. Overall, they liked the product and gave it a perfect rating.

Some of the reviewers cautioned others when starting to take a zinc supplement. They mentioned that the first time you take zinc, you need to start off on a low dose. If not, you can experience severe gastrointestinal distress, including nausea and vomiting. Many have suggested cutting the pill and starting off with a small dose and then eventually taking the entire tablet.

One individual said that they take the supplement every time they feel like they are starting to get a cold or flu. They feel that this is a reliable product and are very pleased with it.

The Now Foods Zinc Gluconate supplement is a reliable option no matter if you plan to use this product in order to boost your immune system or to deal with more serious health problems. It is a great mixture of quality and affordability.

#4. Nature’s Bounty Zinc Chelated 50 mg


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Nature’s Bounty Zinc Chelated tablets are a great budget option. They are extremely affordable and provide a wide range of health benefits. The bottle has 100 tablets, each at 50 MG. Zinc supports immune system function.

Nature’s Bounty is a well-known company that has supplied many vitamins, minerals, and other supplements to individuals in the United States and other countries for many years. They have built a strong reputation for being reliable. Even though the FDA has not examined and approved the statements made on the bottle, research has shown time and again that zinc contributes to overall good health and can help individuals deal with specific health problems.

Some of the reasons that individuals may decide to take a zinc supplements include supporting the metabolism of carbohydrates, fat, energy, and protein. It also plays a key role in producing testosterone. Also, it is vital in reproduction and the growth of fetuses. Many individuals take this product whenever they feel a flu or cold coming on and they usually have great results.

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This product has been reviewed by 190 customers on Amazon. Overall, they give it a 4.3 out of five star rating at the time of writing. The vast majority of individuals who have taken the supplement have said that it has improved whatever health problem they were experiencing and they were happy with the results. One individual said that they had a loss of sense of smell because of a zinc deficiency. However, taking just half a dose for just a couple of weeks has helped them to restore their sense of smell.

Many Amazon reviewers use this product to maintain healthy skin. They use other supplements in combination with zinc in order to fight against oily skin and acne. They recommend speaking with your doctor about taking zinc and drinking lots of water in order to have the best results.

Some individuals have said that the product has a funny taste and they find the tablets hard to swallow. Other individuals have commented on the fact that the tablets are actually quite small and easy to swallow. If you have a problem with taking tablets, many Amazon reviewers have suggested cutting the tablets in half or dissolving them in water or juice and then taking the product. The vast majority of reviewers love this product and would recommend it to others.

Nature’s Bounty Zinc Chelated has a great price and is an excellent source of zinc. We are sure that you will be happy with the quality of this product as well as its price.

Pre-purchase considerations

Zinc in Connection with a Healthy Diet

The founder of modern medicine is quoted as saying, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” As the very name implies, a supplement is designed to support your diet, not to replace it. To achieve the best results from zinc supplements, you should have a diet that contains nutritious food, especially vegetables, and then add the supplement as needed.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that when it comes to supplements, more is better. Your body cannot always ingest large amounts of vitamins and minerals. You will just excrete what you cannot use. So only take what you need, in a balanced, moderate, and regulated way.

Quality of Your Supplement Is Important

As we have discussed in our review, not all supplements are created equal. Some are full of filler products such as sugars, salt, yeast, artificial flavors, and artificial colors. In addition to minimizing the quality of the product you are ingesting, in certain cases these fillers can cause a negative or an allergic reaction. It is important that you research the supplement were going to take.

The zinc supplements we have reviewed today have been shown to be high quality and good brands. That being said, it does not hurt to check with your health care provider and have them work with you in selecting the right supplement for you.

Talk to Your Doctor

Many people mistakenly believe that since zinc is a natural supplement that it is safe and they should never be concerned about taking it. However, there are times when supplements can be harmful. It is important that you talk with your healthcare provider about the supplements you’re planning on taking. They can work with you to make sure that there will not be a negative interaction between your supplements and prescription drugs you are taking.

It is also important to remember that supplements do not substitute medication. Over time, some patients are able to reduce the amount of prescription medication they take as their health improves thanks in part to the supplement they are taking. However, zinc, like any other supplements, requires time and careful monitoring in order to produce the best results.

Dosage Versus Number of Tablets in the Bottle

A person may mistakenly think that they are getting a great deal on zinc tablets because they are purchasing a larger bottle with a larger number of capsules for a reduced price. However, not all zinc capsules are created the same. While the bottle may have more tablets, because of their lower zinc concentration, you may need to take more of them to get the same results that you could get from fewer tablets that are have a higher potency. It is important that you take the time to review the potency level of the tablets as well as see if they have filler ingredients or not.

USP Verified Mark

Zinc supplements with the USP verified mark have been verified by a nonprofit US pharmacopeia as actually having the products it contains on the ingredient label. It also verifies that the amount of the product is at the level stated on the ingredients label and that the product is free of contaminants.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Zinc is a very powerful mineral that has a large impact on our body’s ability to repair itself and to stay healthy. The best way to get the zinc you need in your diet is by eating fruits and vegetables as well as red meat in a balanced way. However, if your diet does not allow you to get the zinc that you need, the supplements that we have reviewed are an excellent way to help you keep your zinc levels where they should be.

Before starting any supplement regimen, it is a good idea to talk to a physician. Make sure that the supplement you are taking will not have a negative interaction with any prescription drugs that you are currently taking. We hope that our review of these four products has given you some food for thought when selecting the zinc supplements that are right for you.