Breaking the myths about shopping bed sets online

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Have you been avoiding buying furniture online? If you’re in the market for a new bedroom set and are on a tight budget, shopping online can give you the most affordable options. But many people believe that buying furniture online is a mistake. Here are some of the myths commonly believed about online furniture stores and the truth behind them.

Cheaply made furniture

People are usually under the impression that if the cost is cheap, so is the product. But that simply isn’t the case with most furniture. You can get really good deals on bed sets without sacrificing quality or durability. In fact, your budget will go much further online than in your brick-and-mortar furniture store.

Outrageous delivery fees or hidden costs

Once upon a time, furniture was priced low with outrageous delivery and processing fees tacked on at the end of the order. But that isn’t the case for most reputable online furniture retailers today. In fact, most of these sites now offer free delivery, which is a perk you probably won’t get from your local furniture store. 

Complex assembly required

While it is certainly true that some bed sets require a bit of assembly, but it is usually fairly straightforward. The bed is the only thing that might be a hassle to set up, but you must be able to disassemble it when you move anyway. You might have to twist some legs onto the nightstands or dresser, or you might have to secure the hardware with provided screws and instructions. In addition, there are many bed sets that require no other assembly at all.

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Comes from overseas

Just because something is severely discounted doesn’t mean that it is coming from overseas. While some online furniture retailers definitely sell pieces and collections from overseas, most of them employ domestic warehouses and brands.

What to look for in a bedroom furniture store

Hopefully, some of your fears about shopping for furniture online have been reduced, but if you’re still unsure here are a few things to look for in an online furniture outlet.


  • Look for reviews about the company’s customer service, shipping, and return policy. You should also check reviews of the brand in general, including furniture quality and the quality of assembly instructions. Keep in mind that delivery issues may not be the fault of the furniture retailer but an issue with the shipper.
  • Verify the requirements for free delivery and look for transparent pricing, especially in clearance sections and sites that are always running sales.
  • The site should offer detailed product descriptions that give you all the information you need to make an informed decision, including dimensions and whether or not the furniture requires assembly.
  • Furniture stores that maintain large inventories of multiple brands are going to give you the most options for your next bed set.

Research the online furniture store thoroughly before making your purchase decision. Although it might take some time to find a reputable furniture store with the styles you want, taking that time can greatly improve the outcome of your new bedroom aesthetic. To see a wide variety of bed sets from a reputable retailer check the full offer: