What To Look For When Cleaning The Outside Of Your House

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Cleaning the outside of your house is about more than aesthetics alone – it can actually have a huge impact over your quality of life. 

For example, in a piece about boosting curb appeal, NBC quoted the National Association of Realtors, who stated that washing a house can add $10,000-$15,000 to the initial sale price, which is a staggering climb in value. Therefore, it’s absolutely in your best interests to keep things spotless not only in the home, but outside of it too. 

The exteriors of your property need a great deal of TLC for the best results possible. But what should you look for, and what can you do here? What are the most effective methods of seeing all of this through?

We’ve compiled a quick list of suggestions of what to look for below.  

Grime in the Guttersgutter

Gutters aren’t lovely to look at during the best of times, but all the same, they do require some occasional inspection by yourself. 

It’s a good idea to check them after periods of heavy rainfall or strong winds, as they could be clogged with all manner of things such as leaves, or they may have sustained damage which causes them to leak. In the end, keep an eye out and right any wrongs that you find. 

Gutter spray wands can be great at dislodging anything that is lurking in there, omitting a powerful blast to wash away anything you aim it at. To fix leaks you can apply a sealant solution, but it’s best to enlist the services of an expert to ensure a quality finish. 

Rust and Rot

Rust and rot accumulate overtime and affect more objects than many might presume. 

Rust can be found in metals, which as a material that can be used for things like rooftops, locks, garage doors, gates, and any railings that you have. It’s worth keeping this in mind, because many people stroll past such things without a thought in the world. Careful maintenance is needed to ensure they’re all in good condition, such as by adding powdered coating to ward off the elements. 

Outdoor parts of your property will decay because they get wet. For example, if you have wooden furniture outdoors that’s subject to frequent heavy rainfall, rot won’t be far behind. In this instance, it’s best to carefully place coverings over the stuff when it’s not in use, or move it all into space where it can have sufficient shelter.  

Chipped and Faded Paintwork

Paintwork is an important part of a property’s overall cleanliness because it can protect surfaces as well as make them look nice. 

However, a good paint job is the overall finish of the property’s look. Just like how washing your house adds value to your home, so too does a superior paint job, because first impressions matter and inferior painting work suggest a house has fallen into disrepair and disarray elsewhere. It’s best to touch up every area of your property at once when repainting surfaces, just so you’re not constantly playing catch up when every other object or surface needs a new coat one after the other. 

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Window frames, decking areas, doors, doorsteps, outdoor furniture, and exterior walls can all receive a new coat at your discretion. If they’re exposed to the elements, in time they will become weather-beaten and disheveled, but it’s often the case that all they need is a quick coat of paint to be back in clean, working order.  

Paint is also a layer of protection, thin though it might be. Still, even if it is in small part, it can help protect the integrity of whatever it’s on, so it’s always a good idea to apply some wherever you feel is necessary outside. 

Where Expert Services are Needed

Some cleaning tasks are so seismic and arduous that they can’t possibly be done alone.

As previously mentioned, a thorough wash of the home can significantly increase its value. However, this isn’t in reference to getting a bucket with some warm soapy water and scrubbing down the windows, or even hosing every square inch of your property. A better quality of clean is needed for the best results possible, and only expert dedication will help you meet the standards required for that big leap in property prospects!

If you want to be certain of a great job here, then consider using services like Atkins deck treatment. Not only can they wash your decks, but rooftops, brick walls, fences, driveways, and just about anything else on your home’s exterior can be expertly cleaned with their state-of-the-art tools and robust skillset. Nothing escapes their notice, as they offer a versatile service where no task is too difficult. Working with them will mean that you’re guaranteed to experience a hike in the value of your home! 

Driveway Dirt and Grime

Your driveway is particularly susceptible to dirt and grim, so inspecting it closely is key. 

Depending on the materials and presentation methods used, all sorts of undesirable and gross things can find their ways into the tiny cracks and crevices that driveways can have. While some people have got creative with the dirt they find here to create some funky artwork, for the sake of cleanliness and hygiene it’s best to wash it all away. It’s tempting to have some fun, but being thorough should be the priority! 

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The experts can clean things up for you, but also you can use a garden hose sprayer or power washer yourself to make quick work of anything you find here. Washing soda and dishwashing detergent can be useful too, so apply those where necessary for a good scrub and clean. Your technique may depend on your circumstances, such as whether your property is located uphill, and therefore better able to let the dirty water drain away. 

Weed Intrusions

At first, weeds don’t seem like a big issue, but they can unfortunately signify many more headaches to come. 

Left to their own devices, that seemingly unassuming weed will eventually get in between the gaps of the concrete or bricked slabs of your driveway. They can sprout up and encroach on such areas too, causing an unsightly addition to the look of your exteriors. In the end, their presence is almost like an iconic hallmark of a property that isn’t getting the care it needs. 

Also, if you don’t remove weeds, they will eventually develop additional seeds, triggering the growth of yet more of them. Therefore, it’s important to recognize the early signs of their presence and to root them out immediately as soon as they immerge. For environmental reasons, it’s best not to use weed killer these days, but feel free to use any other method at your disposal to root them out. 

Rooftop Debris roof

Though people understandably don’t have eyes on them at all times, rooftops are prime destinations for some ugly and even hazardous debris. 

Whip out your ladder and clamber up to the rooftops to scope things out. It might be you’ll find dislodged or missing tiles, exposed nails, or things that birds have carried up there like sticks and leaves. You might be surprised by what you find up there, especially if you seldom think of that area of your home’s exterior. 

Get rid of anything that is dangerous or doesn’t belong, and you’ll minimize the risk of further damages. If nothing else, your roof will look like it’s in a pristine and spotless condition once you’re done! Before you start cleaning up, make sure to wear puncture-resistant nitrile gloves to avoid getting injured by sharp branches and other foreign objects you find on your roof. Wearing gloves will also protect you from disease-causing germs. If it’s hot and sunny outside, make sure to wear UV-protective clothing and apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least 30 SPF (no one’s too tough for the sun!). Gear up and get ready to freshen up your exteriors!