Common Issues You Can Run Into When You Own A Car

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When you own a car you may just think that the money you pay ends with scheduled services, insurance, and fuel. This is far from the truth and cars can end up being money pits, especially if you have an older car. Newer cars have newer technology, which means they are less likely to spring a breakdown on you as there are pre-warnings now. If you don’t know the common issues that you can run into when you own a car then take a look at the article below. 

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Faulty Transmission


You may not have heard of a transmission before but it is how your wheels receive their power. This power comes from the engine and if you have an issue with your transmission then other problems can crop up. One of the problems you can encounter when your transmission is playing up is a faulty clutch. This can be a pricey repair and you should contact your local transmission clutch repair specialists.


Engine Problem


The engine is the most important part of your car and if there is ever a problem with it then your car may be out of action for some time. Car engines are also one of the most expensive parts to replace when you own a car. Your engine can give you some clues along the way as to what is going on with it. For instance, if it is sputtering and making some weird sounds then this could be due to the delivery of the fuel. 

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Air Conditioning


This can be a tricky one to notice sometimes, especially if you live in a particularly chilly area. You will only really notice there is a problem with your AC when you turn it on and realize that no actual air is coming out of your vents. When your AC doesn’t work it could be a number of things including condensers, hoses, or pumps. Taking your car to a garage will give you more of a clue about what is going on with the air conditioning. 


Broken Lights


Something that can be a quick fix is a broken headlight or tail light. Do be aware that your car is deemed unsafe when your lights aren’t working as other road users won’t necessarily know what maneuver you are doing. You also won’t be able to see where you are going if you are driving at night. If it is just your bulbs that need replacing then this can be done fairly cheaply. It all comes down to whether you have halogen bulbs or newer high-intensity bulbs. 


Tire Wear


Finally, you may constantly think that you are replacing the tires on your car. However, if you spend a lot of time driving then this is a common occurrence. You don’t want to have uneven wear on your tires as this can lead to blowouts or your alloys becoming damaged. Tire wear can give you clues to other issues that are going on with your car, such as over or underinflated tires and improper wheel alignment. Get your tires repaired as soon as you notice uneven wear.