Destressing the Final Push: How to Make Moving Home a Far Less Stressful Experience

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It is a commonly held belief that moving home is one of the most stressful things you could ever do, and it is right up there! Moving home, as well as the promise of starting a new life, can work together to make things feel more anxiety-inducing than they need to be. When it comes to handling any form of anxiety and stress, simplicity is key, but also understanding what you have control over. Luckily, in the moving process, you have control over a lot. Here is how you can make moving home easier on you. 

Book Early

As soon as you know what day you need to move, you should book everything. Whether this is a cross country moving service or you need to hire cleaners or painters to fix up the house, booking early is critical. If you don’t, you will pay a higher price or may struggle to find people to help you out, especially during peak moving season (usually between the months of April and September). 


Getting rid of everything is a very cathartic experience. During the packing process, you’ve got to decide what is worth keeping. When you start to shave off a good 33% of your possessions, this is going to make moving easier, and also means there’s a lot less unpacking at the other end. It gives you the opportunity to start afresh with a clean slate, and learning to declutter is about reminiscing, while also making sure that you draw that metaphorical line in the sand. 

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Get a Schedule in Place

Schedules are critical, and knowing what you’re going to do and what day you’re going to do will ensure you don’t miss out on the smaller details. After finalizing your dates, you can schedule: 

  • Moving services. 
  • Utility providers. 
  • Painters. 
  • Decorators. 
  • Unpacking. 

In fact, the latter helps you do it in a more manageable way and can all make a big difference here. Scheduling is not about having everything rigidly placed, but is there to ensure you don’t miss any small details and ensures everything goes off without a hitch. 

Taking Time to Clean

If you clean your property before you move everything in, this will make for a smoother process. If you are moving halfway across the country, it may not be possible to paint, decorate, and clean beforehand, but if you can arrange it with the previous owners that a professional cleaning company comes by to do some work on the cleaning, this will make life easier for you. 

Keep Your Essentials With You

The cross country moving process could mean you lose sight of the moving truck or may have to make a number of unscheduled stops. If the worst-case scenarios arise, a little moving bag for you and your family with toothbrushes, medications, essential paperwork, and so forth, will give you a bit more peace of mind. It is not easy, but you have got to remember that it’s all worth it in the end because you will have a healthy home for yourself and your loved ones- it’s just this last push you need to work through.