How to Develop Your Own Sense of Style

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Almost everyone would like to believe they are stylish, but style is not something that comes to everyone naturally. Putting an outfit together is also not something that is simple for everyone. Some people may have a preconceived idea of what it means to dress well, but keep making crucial faux-pas without realizing it. The good news, however, is that developing your own sense of style will be much easier once you have the basics down. Here’s how to get started.

Learn Your Palettes

The single most important thing when it comes to style is understanding which colors you should wear and which ones you should avoid. Doing that alone will elevate your style instantly. When someone knows their color, they can look great in everything from a business suit to a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. But if they don’t, there’s nothing that will truly work.

If you want to know what your particular palette is, complete this simple quiz. You’ll be able to find the best colors based on your complexion and features in minutes.

Look at Your Body Type

Another thing you have to understand is that not every item of clothing looks great on every body type. So, you need to know what yours is and pick clothes that will suit and compliment your frame.

If you have a strong build, it’s usually better to go for a more stripped-down look, while slimmer men are advised to go heavier on the layers. There are also small tricks you can use if you don’t feel comfortable with your shape. For instance, if you have heavy calves, pleated pants with a sharp taper are sure to look great. If you’re shorter, closely fitted jackets where the hem stops at the hips will help to elongate your body. And if you’re heavy set, know that loose clothing will make you look even bigger. So, instead of trying to hide under your clothing, consider having your clothing tailored or adjusted.

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Look at Your Lifestylestyle

You also have to look at what your lifestyle is like. If you’re into extreme sports and dirt bikes, the suit-and-tie look will be completely irrelevant to you. On the other hand, if you’re more into rooftop parties and the urban lifestyle, then you probably won’t want to invest in a punk rock/skater look.

It’s important to wear things that fit your personality first and foremost. Then you can start looking at individual pieces.

Know Which Brands do What the Best

Another thing you have to do is do your research on the different brands out there and know which ones do what the best. If you love sneakers, for instance, then brands like Versace are the gold standard. 

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Look at Your Environment

Where you live will also make a difference to your sense of style. If you live in a hot state and much of your life is spent at the beach, for instance, you’ll need to invest in a wardrobe that is suitable for this kind of environment. Think about the materials of your outfits – cotton is breathable and so is ideal for warm climates, while wool is a much better choice for those who live in colder states.

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Find Someone to Model Your Style Afterstyle

Celebrities dress well not because they have an innate sense of style, but because they have a team of style and image consultants working behind the scenes making sure they look impeccable at all times.

If you can find someone who you identify with who shares some of your features, you get to benefit from all of this expertise for free. It only takes a second to look at someone whose style you admire on Google and mimic some of their looks. Doing this alone could greatly elevate your style and you’ll start picking up some principles of good fashion along the way. I great place to look for ideas is from online store like Alexandra Wood Shirts, this is a perfect example of different styles you may not have thought of.

Know the Image and Message You Want to Convey

You also want to know what image you want to project to the world. Some people want to stand out. Others will prefer quiet elegance. It’s all up to you. The most important thing is to know what your message is and make sure that your style choices are congruent with it. 

If you want to look stylish and have a style that truly represents who you are, follow our advice. It will help you build a wardrobe that’s perfect for you.