Downloads Your Fresh Installation of Windows 10 Needs

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While it can take time to finally finish installing your copy of Windows 10, there’s more to do. Your operating system needs some necessary downloads to preserve your privacy and security. Additionally, the right downloads can also enhance performance and improve your productivity. 

Sure, you’d like nothing better than to dig into your system, but a little more patience and effort can lay the proper foundation for the future. 

Here are some essential downloads for your fresh installation of Windows 10:

#1 Anti-malware Software 

So, does Windows 10 need antivirus software downloading when it already has good security tools baked into it? The answer is yes. While Windows 10 offers good security, it’s far from perfect:

  • Windows 10 security falls behind third-party antivirus software in advanced malware detection and blockage. 
  • Windows 10 will not protect your third-party browser by default, which is problematic because web-borne attacks often target applications like Google Chrome. 
  • Windows 10’s built-in anti-ransomware protection is abysmal. It frustrates users by throwing up false positives. It’s so poor that Microsoft has deactivated it by default. 

Look for advanced antivirus software that employs signature detection and AI-powered pattern detection to block the following threats:

    • Viruses: Computer viruses can destroy your data and prevent your system from functioning normally. 
    • Worms: Computer worms can be more destructive than viruses. They can also carry other malware, such as ransomware. 
    • Adware: Although adware is more frustrating than dangerous, its pop-up windows can slow your computer. 
    • Spyware: While spyware usually doesn’t impact your PC’s performance, it indeed invades your privacy. 
  • Trojans: You don’t want any Trojans hiding in your computer. They can steal your passwords and corrupt your system. 
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#2 Windows Update Patches 

Immediately after upgrading your antivirus software, turn to Windows Updates to download the latest upgrades for your operating system. Depending on how old your fresh copy of Windows is, the updates can take anywhere from minutes to several hours. The wait is worth it because the latest patches will boost your operating system’s stability and performance. 

Patches can also close critical security vulnerabilities. In fact, many old malware threats continue to infect computers because some users fail to update their software. For example, WannaCry ransomware is still a threat nowadays despite a security patch from Microsoft. 

#3 Fresh Drivers

The latest drivers for your hardware should be next on your list. Like operating system patches, they can enhance stability, and compatibility and boost performance. For example, the latest video card drivers may allow you to get more power from your GPU or run the latest games without ugly crashes. Similarly, the latest drivers for your sound card may improve audio or iron out some bugs. 

#4 App Patches

With Windows updated to the latest version, and your hardware utilizing the newest drivers, turn your attention to individual programs like your web browser, communication app, or video streaming program. Patches for this software can also improve performance and plug security flaws. 

These are four essential types of downloads that every Windows user needs for a smooth and stress-free computing experience.