General Rules of Flag Football and 6 Benefits of Joining a Team

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Anyone and everyone who lives in the world would have either played some type of sport or been a spectator at it. From tennis to basketball, golf, and hockey, all of these comprise of an activity that involves a friendly game or a competitive one and, in some countries, the national sport is celebrated and played almost every month to win prizes and trophies.

Much is the same with football. In the USA, this is one of the most popular games that has been played for years and for good reason. Not only because it has historical significance but also because it is fun and exciting for everyone and encompasses all ages and sexes, from kids to grown adults, and both men and women.


NFL Football Season

Many who enjoy the sport look forward to the different sporting seasons and in the USA, American football comes in many shapes and sizes. Take for instance the NFL which is a regular occurrence. This National Football League begins in September and goes on for a few good months until the January of the new year. The tournaments have over 270 different games, played by different teams and is taken very seriously.  This 18-week season has been ongoing since 2006.

There is an entire tradition that surrounds it and because it also falls on Thanksgiving Day, it makes it even more of a celebration. Read about this more here The games are broadcast on popular television channels including Fox News and CBS. Due to the popularity of football in America, many foundations and institutions also lend a hand to those who cannot play in these tournaments but have games of their own, both friendlies and competitive ones. we look at one such group below.

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Adult Flag Football Leagues and Its Benefits

The smaller versions of the bigger events are also available to many and one great example is known as Flag Football. These are played as two regular-season games, usually in the evenings and the teams compete against each other to advance into different stages until the final playoffs. 

The number of teams will depend on the current circumstances and the typical games would have either 5 aside or 8 aside players. The more player, the more leagues there will be. Similar to the bigger games, there is a referee and players must wear a uniform as well as appropriate flags representing their team.

The rules of the game are basically as such:

  • If it’s a 5 vs 5 game, it will be played as two, 14-minute rounds, and a half-time consisting of one minute.
  • There is always a clock to manage the times and keep within strict confines and managed by the referee.
  • The defensive team and offensive teams start the game and the offensive team takes the balls and plays them from a 5-yard line.
  • They need to take the ball across the mid-field and touch the opponent’s side of the field, at which point they gain a point.
  • Each team needs to make 3 points to score and complete around.
  • If one team fails to cross the mid-field with the ball, the other team gets it.

It may be more complicated than this but this is the general feel of it.

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There are many benefits to joining a home league such as this and we look at a few of them below.


6 Benefits of joining a Football League or Sport

No one needs to be a professional footballer to reap the numerous benefits of playing the sport. Playing a regular 5vs 5 or 8 vs 8 adult flag football game has been seen to have significant health benefits:

  1. It helps to train your brain due to the oxygen pumping throughout and blood circulation
  2. Improving blood pressure and heart health
  3. Helps to make you more sociable and boosts your confidence
  4. Increasing bone and muscle mass compared to inactive individuals
  5. Building stamina, speed and overall strength in your body
  6. Keeping body fat in check and minimizing it

Playing just a friendly game with a group of others in your neighborhood is one of the best things you can do for yourself, and encourage your children to do as well. There is never a better time to join an exciting hobby than now.