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Caring for a toddler can be exhausting for parents and many parents or babysitters search for ways to keep their toddler occupied. Toys are the go to when you want to keep your toddler busy but most times, toys don’t keep their attention for long, and they are soon diverted. Magnetic tiles can be a good way to have fun without much mess.

magnetic tiles

Any of us with kids all know you have to keep looking for new things for things for your toddler to play with.

If you want to get your children thinking and solving problems at an early age, you will some toys do just that and more. Magnetic tiles are one of such toys, the tiles are open-ended construction toys that keep your toddlers attentive, and they are great educational toys.

The tiles are magnetic on all sides, and they come in the form of triangles and squares, there also several types of these tiles available on the market. Some tiles are translucent, and they look excellent and attractive on a light table, the tiles catch and filter both artificial and natural light, another way to tempt your toddlers to play with them. If you don't have a playpen for your toddlers, you can easily store this toy in a bag, on a shelf or in a basket. The toys also fit perfectly in kids hands which is great for hands-on learning; they are ideal for toddlers age three and above.

With magnetic tiles, your toddlers stand to gain a lot of skills such as:

  • Construction skills and building skills
  • Stacking and sorting skills
  • The ability to solve problems
  • Critical thinking skills, concentration, and persistence
  • Good hand-eye coordination
  • Patterning skills
  • Knowledge of magnetic principles
  • Creativity, creative building, and enhancement of cognitive processes
  • Understanding of mathematical and spatial relationships
  • Shape recognition
  • Knowledge of two and three-dimensional shapes and ability to visualize three-dimensional creations.

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Toddlers learn to use their imagination while playing with the tiles, they can recreate and copy objects previously seen or identified, and the attractive colors, shapes, and transparency of the tiles keep their attention riveted and enables to be more creative. The tiles will capture your toddler's imagination for weeks, or if you are lucky, months and it's easy to see how this happens because they are open-ended, the toddlers can use in different ways. They can construct towers and castles and other interesting shapes; most toddlers use them for construction, imaginative play, two-dimensional and three-dimensional design, mixing colors, light table play and exploring the magnetic properties of the tiles.

These toys can be fun for adults as well as toddlers especially if you enjoy playing with your kids. You can pretend with the tiles and build many imaginative scenarios, watch them build roads, animal carousels, slides, fences, food stalls and even barns, through this you may discover just how creative and imaginative your preschooler can be.
The light table is a great addition to the playpen as well, all those attractive colors will make a child so much more interested in playing with the tiles, and it does not hurt that the tiles look good in the light.

Another exciting thing about the tiles is that the two-dimensional shapes of the tiles such as the squares, trapezoids, and rectangles can be put together to form three-dimensional shapes like cubes, pyramids, and prisms and the toddlers can use this to construct exciting things.

The tiles range in price with most brands being on the high-end, but they are worth it, not only will your kids love them, but their friends will also love the tiles.

They can also combine the tiles with different construction toys like Legos. Before you purchase magnetic tiles, you can compare and contrast different brands to know which one will be most suitable for your toddlers; there are a few budget-friendly magnetic tiles also available on the market that are as good as the high-end options, don't be afraid to try them. There are so many other reasons you want to introduce these toys to your kid;

  • They keep the children far away from the electronics as they are too busy playing
  • They are low maintenance so you don't have to buy extra batteries
  • They keep the toddlers busy when you want to go out to do things and when you want some peace
  • If you host play dates, it's a great way to keep all the kids engaged
  • They teach the toddlers so many valuable skills like geometry, motor skills, patience, experimentation, creativity, spelling and spatial reasoning.

Always make sure the tiles you buy are potentially hazardous to your toddlers or small enough for them to ingest, watch out for quality products and make sure that you check the recommended age before purchasing the toys for your toddler.