Helpful Hacks To Get The Best Price When Selling Your Car

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Invest in maintenance and keep up to date with servicing. The condition of a car is one of the most influential factors when determining sale value and it can also be a selling point or a turn-off for buyers. Investing in maintenance and keeping up to date with servicing is an effective way to lower the risk of performance issues and save money on repairs. It can also make your vehicle more saleable. If your car is due for a service, or you’re keen to get advice about minor repairs, look for a reputable auto repair shop. Working with a reputable auto services center like Kwik Kar can help to eliminate stress, save money and make your car a more attractive proposition for buyers. If you don’t have a full service record, or the vehicle is poorly-maintained, the value will fall and you may find it more difficult to find a buyer. 


Research market prices

When you sell your car, it’s important to have an accurate estimate of how much the vehicle is worth. You don’t want to lose out or experience the stress of trying to find a buyer for weeks or months because you’ve set the price too low or high. Research market prices and visit dealerships to get some estimates. It’s a good idea to get a series of quotes and aim for the higher end of the range. If you set the figure at a realistic but ambitious price, you can always come down if a buyer is eager to negotiate. If you’re selling to a dealership, it’s wise to take your time to consider offers. Once you have quotes and offers in front of you, go home and have a think about whether you’re happy with the prices. You should never feel pressured into selling for a price that is lower than the market value. 

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Clean your car and use high-quality images

If you’re selling a car privately or via a listing site or directory, make sure your car is clean and use high-quality images. Provide an accurate description of the vehicle and make sure the photographs do it justice. Use a good camera and take photos on a bright day. Clean, smart cars that look like they’ve been well looked after are more likely to sell than dirty, messy cars.



When you sell your car, it’s understandable to want to get the best offer possible. To help you attract buyers and make as much money as possible, it’s beneficial to invest in maintenance, keep up with servicing and clean your car regularly. Research market prices, get a series of estimates and take your time to consider offers.