How Can Your Business Save Energy? 10 Easy Tips to Do So

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Trying to be more energy efficient in your business? That’s in order! Energy efficiency decreases operating costs for businesses, cuts carbon emissions, and demonstrates to the public that a company cares about the environment. There are numerous ways for your company to save expenses while saving energy. Here are 10 easy tips from Josco’s Energy Conference:


10 Energy Saving Tips for Businesses 

1. Use Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs 


Energy-saving light bulbs consume up to 80% less energy than normal bulbs. They also last longer between replacements. By switching to greener bulbs, you may reduce your energy consumption and save money.


2. Install Motion-Activated Lighting 


We’re all guilty of it—leaving the lights on even when we’re not using a room. With motion-sensitive lighting, you can get rid of this energy-wasting habit. The lighting automatically switches off when there’s no movement. You could also go a step further and maximize natural illumination by leaving window blinds open during the day to save money on energy for your company.


3. Avoid Turning on the Air Conditioning Too Early 


Did you know that 28% of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide are caused by building operations like heating, cooling, and lighting? If you didn’t, now you do. That said, on cool spring or fall days, you might not require heating or cooling.


The demand for air conditioning doesn’t truly arise until the temperature rises over 23–24 °C. As such, when the temperature hits 21°C, turn off the heat.  Typically, you can also turn off the air conditioning at night.

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4. Increase the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioning


If you do require air conditioning, keep doors and windows closed to maintain its effectiveness. You should also check and change filters regularly. If possible, make sure that you have sealed the A/C ducts. 


5. Generate Your Own Energy


Producing your own electricity can lower costs and reduce the carbon footprint of your company. Solar photovoltaic panels can be installed on any size building and can produce electricity using just natural light!


6. Turn Computers off at Night 


Your company might save up to £35 a year on electricity costs by turning off one monitor when it’s not in use and on the weekends.


7. Boil What You Need 


Everyone enjoys a cup of tea, but watch how much water your staff is heating. Imagine this—if we all just boiled the right amount of water for a cup of coffee, we could save enough electricity to power our street lights for a month!


8. Update Your Systems


Older and less modern versions of computers, refrigerators, and even boilers typically use more energy. Wherever possible, update to energy-efficient products.


9. Advocate For Energy Efficiency


Make everyone aware of your energy-saving efforts. One way of doing this is putting up signs to motivate employees to take part in energy-saving measures.


10. Regular Energy Audits 


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Keep track of your energy usage by taking regular meter readings around your property. This will allow you to determine which activities consume the most energy and where you may make savings.


With these 10 tips, any business can reduce costs, boost the brand’s reputation, and improve working conditions for employees, all while saving the planet. Try them!