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Skating is a fun sport that allows you to glide through various surfaces with a breeze. People who wish they could skate everywhere without carrying big roller skates with them will be happy to wear light and easy-to-carry roller skating shoes


To put it simply, they are skates disguised as shoes. Herein, you might find one or maybe even four wheels tucked beneath the sole of the shoes. So when you want, you can enjoy a nice walk in your canvas shoes, but then you can whip out the wheel and glide. 


These shoes are usually meant for children and teenagers and come in various sizes and shapes to choose from.


The following article will help you learn more about roller skating shoes so that you can make a wise purchase



In skating terms, the upper is referred to as the shoe or the boot of the skates. Herein the upper is designed keeping in mind the design preferences of young boys and girls. You can find these shoes in excellent designs, from Ben 10 to plain simple black colored shoes, there are a lot of varieties.


Different brands in the market are launching various series of these shoes for children. You can easily find a design suited for girls and boys as per their preferences. Some newer versions of these shoes also include a LED light on the shoe’s midsole to make the shoes more appealing.

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Depending upon your price range, you can find these shoes in tons of materials. You will often find skating shoes in canvas, nylon, or a synthetic upper. These materials are sturdy enough to handle the daily wear and tear with the added feature of the skates. Besides, shoes made from nylon, canvas, or synthetic are comfortable to wear.


On the other hand, you might even find some expensive options made from pure leather as well. Also, the components of the skates are usually made of metal, and the wheels are made from synthetic rubber. 



There are multiple ways you could fasten a skating shoe, and most commonly, these shoes have laces. However, if you do not wish to tie your laces most of the time, you can buy these kinds of shoes with a velcro fastening option as well. 



This is arguably the main feature of a skating shoe. These shoes are not meant to go fast, but a good set of wheels can enhance the experience of skating. The wheels are commonly tucked in the sole and the shoes’ midsole. 


A skating shoe mostly comes with one wheel. But certain brands also offer the two-wheel skating shoe. 


The wheels in these shoes also have bearings to improve the experience and provide a smooth glide over any surface. Ensure that you buy a shoe that has bearing in the wheels as it reduces friction and helps you ride for longer with minimal inputs

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These are some features of roller skating shoes. Once you start walking and skating, you will never want to wear your regular shoes again. Ensure that you find the shoe that fits you properly.