How To Choose a Bicycle Style for Your Teen

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Riding a Bike


Bikes for teens are crucial to socializing and exploring their environment. While many teenagers might dream about throwing aside their bicycles for a car and a driver’s license, a bike is the one thing that offers them some independence in their early teenage years. Most parents love to see their kids getting out and riding the trails with their friends because it means they are exercising and having fun.

Most teenagers will experience several growth spurts, meaning it is challenging to find a bike that stays with them for more than a year or two at a time. Because of your child’s growth, you may want to focus on less expensive models, but that really depends on your child and their needs or wants, as well as your financial position. In most cases, children and parents can find a happy middle ground to work from when selecting a bike. The important thing is to be open and honest with your teens about what is realistic. Depending on your child’s age, you might be able to share the expense, especially if they are of working age, or maybe you can agree on some extra chores around the house.

The Importance of Getting Your Teen Fitted

Regardless of what bike you and your team ultimately decide on, it is necessary to have them professionally fitted. While you can go to any bike shop to get a fitting, you might want to find an expert with some experience rather than a trainee or someone who just started working the floor.

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An experienced fitter can help you find a bike that might work for a growing child. They can also help you and your kid find the best option, such as an e-bike, mountain bike, etc. 

Whatever style of bike you choose, remember the fit matters. If a bike is too small or too large, it will make operating it challenging. Your child might experience backaches and other pains from stretching or moving in awkward ways. When the bicycle fits correctly, your teen can ride with confidence while maintaining safety and comfort.

Electric Bikes for Teens

You can buy a teenager electric bike. Many parents stay away from electric bikes because they think they are too dangerous or unnecessary. However, an electric bike can be just as safe as a traditional bike. Additionally, if your child uses their bike to get back and forth from friends’ houses or school, having the assistance of an electric motor can reduce strain or exertion.

Traditional Bikes for Teens

Still, even if you do not want to buy your child an electric bike, a traditional bike with accessories, like beach cruiser baskets, can work. Teens have been using conventional bicycles for decades with great effect. The best way to figure out what your teen should ride is to speak with them about what they want or need.

Are you ready to buy your teen their next bicycle? If so, contact a local bike show to discuss the most popular brands and models. Also, talk to an expert about getting your teen fitted.