How to Make Your Vehicle Theft-Proof

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If you are like most people, your car is your pride and joy. You spend a lot of time in your car, commuting to work and back and going out socially. Most people rely on their cars more than they think, and it becomes almost impossible to manage many day-to-day chores without one. To make sure you are never without your car because it has been stolen, here is a guide on how to make your vehicle theft-proof. 

Get New Keys

Buying a car involves a lot of trust. You need to check the car isn’t stolen, hasn’t been tampered with, and that the service history is as advertised. Once you have the keys and drive off the forecourt or away from the seller’s garage, you are okay though, right? Unfortunately not, as many thieves will get a copy of the keys which means that they can steal your new car and sell it on again. To avoid this happening, speak to AutoRun Locksmith who can change the locks on your car as soon as you buy it which will make it harder for a car thief to steal.


If you are buying from a car showroom, they may offer you a finance package. You may turn this down if you already have finance in place or are paying cash. However, look carefully at the finance on offer, especially if you are being offered a 0% deal as this is good insurance. A sophisticated car thief will check whether a car is on finance before they steal it. This is because financed cars are a lot harder to resell. Often, they will bypass the financed car in favor of something that has been bought for cash. This is especially true of high-end cars. 

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Keep Your Belongings Out of Sight

You may know that your jacket isn’t worth much, since it has a rip in the inner lining and nothing in the pockets. That is why you throw it on the back seat while you go into the grocery store. However, to an opportunist thief, it could have a dozen credit cards in it as well as a lot of cash. They won’t know this until they break your window and steal it.

This will cost you the inconvenience of getting the window repaired as well as the cost of it and can be worse than having your jacket stolen. Make sure you leave your belongings out of sight whether they are valuable or not and there will be less chance of a thief taking a chance. 

Keep it Safe

Keeping your car safe can be a pain. Locking the door every night and parking it in the garage can feel unnecessary and time-consuming. However, the safest way of making sure that your car is still there the next morning is to take a little extra time to make sure it is safe when you park it. 

Follow this guide to make your vehicle theft-proof and to give you peace of mind when you buy a new car.