How to Upscale Your Kitchen for a Large Party

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Whether you have a few out-of-town visitors or host monthly get-togethers, the kitchen is an essential aspect of entertaining. Now, you can use your living room to host the guests but at times it helps to know that your kitchen area can host a large number of people and still be essentially enough for you to do your magic in the kitchen.


Moreover, having a kitchen that can host entertainment helps to keep the rest of the house clean, leaving you with just one place to worry about cleaning, which is easier for you.


Now, to help you upscale your kitchen to host a large crowd, here are a couple of things you can do. Keep Reading!

1.Elevated Countertop


Elevating half of your countertop to bar height provides you with a prep surface as well as a party area. Whether visitors are standing or sitting on bar stools, you may serve them directly from the countertop. In an open floor plan, the raised bar also serves as a room divider, marking a space for visitors to congregate while preserving the rest of your kitchen free.

2.Upgrade Your Waterflow



If you host regular parties with a considerable number of visitors, it’s quite essential to ensure that you have a system that controls your water flow. To achieve this, you can install ball valves. You can work with ball valves china to get quality and trusted products that will serve you for a longer time.

3.Have Lighting for Exhibitions


Consider putting LED lights under the counters for accent lighting, spotlighting a bar area, or highlighting what you’re offering. Cabinet lighting, particularly when used in conjunction with glass front cabinets, may truly bring your drinkware to life, allowing guests to serve themselves. Pendant lights are another simple method to make your home feel more opulent and welcoming. Pendant lights give soothing overhead lighting that is also more appealing for guests.

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4.Upgrades that are Technoid


For tech-savvy cooks, wifi-controlled devices are a must-have. Some electric ovens include wifi connectivity, allowing users to control the temperature from their phones. Sensor-based cooking is available in smart microwaves, which eliminates the need to fiddle with power levels and food weights.


Intelligent dishwashers, which are energy-efficient and have self-operating shutters and ultra-low noise extents, are new on the market and may be turned on while your visitors are still sipping their wine.


Other time-saving technologies for busy entertainers include smartphone-controlled slow cookers and coffee machines, sensor-operated trash bins that open with a wave of the hand, and an electric spiralizer for producing vegetable noodles. Even digital food processors are now available, allowing you to create intricate sweets or pancakes in bizarre forms with a few mouse clicks. 


If you want to amaze your guests, even more, you can add a kitchen robot to help you while you cook. You can be assured that everyone’s attention will be with you and your robot.

5.Use Size to Your Advantage


The secret to building a great kitchen for entertaining is to use your gadgets wisely. When cooking for large guests, consider installing a retail-style refrigerator with plenty of sections for all the additions.


Maybe there’s a place for a second refrigerator and/or freezer elsewhere in the house? Heated drawers are essential for serious entertainers, as they keep food warm while also heating plates. Even if it’s simply a single drawer or half-size layout, a second dishwasher might be beneficial for large parties.


Similarly, if you’re cooking for a large group, a regular stove won’t suffice. Consider getting a double oven and stove top so you can serve everything at once.

6.Consider a Tropical Haven Setting


For kitchens constructed with entertainment in thought, an island table is the ideal focal point. This typical kitchen feature allows you to converse with your visitors while you’re preparing or serving drinks and food, as well as providing more culinary, service, storing, and seating space.

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Some hosts choose to place their stovetop on an island, and induction stovetops are great for this because they are simple to install and don’t get too hot to touch. Installing one or two sinks within the island as a substitute allows hosts to clean up while conversing with visitors.


If you have enough room, try having two island benches: one for cooking and the other for serving and entertaining guests, both with storage underneath for dinnerware, serving dishes, and glassware.

7.Away from View Utility Area


Nobody, least of all your party guests, like gazing at mounds of dirty dishes and pans. One of the greatest – and most expensive – solutions to this problem is an isolated utility section or larder. It means you may have extra assistance sans them getting in the way when partying, particularly if your pantry has an oven, heating drawer, sinks, dishwasher, and fridge.


If you don’t have the room or funds for this, you can conceal dirty dishes by lifting the backs of your kitchen counters, with the host on the inside and visitors’ exterior. A slender counter can be added to the top-level to serve as a snack bar or a beverages station.


When you’re entertaining, building a practical station in the kitchen for your small gadgets like the microwave, electric kettle, and food processor will help open up somewhat needed bench space.

The Bottom Line

Upscaling the kitchen is quite simple. You just need to know the space you are working with and use it to your advantage. You can add some classy water bottles for your guests. Otherwise, have fun and best of luck!