VA Loans: How Veterans Are Taking Advantage Of This Program

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Veterans are taking advantage of unique benefits and programs available only to them. Use this guide to find out how you could take advantage of VA loans. They will allow you to purchase a new home or even your first home.

What Are VA Loans?

Serve in the military to be eligible to purchase affordable homes. A VA loan is a unique benefit that offers a mortgage that requires no down payment. This is not issued through the government. It is instead offered by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Purchase a home through this program to avoid private mortgage insurance fees. Utilize the scheme for your primary home. You will not be able to purchase a vacation home or an investment property through the program. Use your VA status for more benefits over your life.

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible?

Know that you will be eligible for a VA loan if you reach the requirements. VA lenders will require you to have official status as a veteran. Work with a VA lender to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from the Department of Veteran Affairs. Submit the correct paperwork such as pay slips and documents that showcase your experience within the military.

Try to collect as much relevant information as possible before applying. Contact lenders such as Hero Loan who can explain your VA loan eligibility. Work with them to progress your home purchase effectively. 

Obtaining your Certificate of Eligibility should be a priority. This will speed up the application process. Gather this certificate so that you have it for life. Your family will also benefit from you having this status after you pass away.

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What Homes Can I Purchase?

Utilize a VA loan to purchase a range of different homes in the United States of America. Purchase an existing home, condominium, or townhouse through a VA-approved project. Realize that condos or townhomes require the entire complex to be approved by the VA before purchasing a unit.

Veterans will be able to purchase manufactured or mobile homes. Know that these types of homes must meet certain conditions. Buy new builds and constructions through a VA loan. Note that builders, plans, and building sites must be VA-approved. This will require several inspections with the builders needing to be covered by warranty. Consider looking into veteran-friendly refinance loans to alter your current mortgage or make improvements to your home.

Can My Family Benefit?

Benefit your family by obtaining official status as a veteran. They will be able to use your status if you were to pass away. Protect the interests of your immediate family. Your spouse will get this benefit if you die in the line of duty or as a result of a service-based disability. Speak to your spouse beforehand to make them aware of what a Certificate of Eligibility can do for them