Successful Layout Tips For Retail Stores

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These days, owning a successful retail store isn’t just about the price, selection, and quality of your products. Because regardless of the type of retail store, the layout is much more critical than you may realize. 

In fact. the aesthetic quality of your shop matters almost as much as your products, considering how no one would be interested in returning somewhere that looked terrible with poor presentation and difficult to find products. So, with that in mind, here are a few essentials planning tips for designing a successful retail store layout.

First impressions matter

Just like with us humans, the first impressions of your retail store will often have an effect on whether or not you make the sale. Start by checking the outside of your store to ensure it looks appealing. Would you buy anything from your store? 

Make sure the windows are clean, dressed, and there’s no peeling paint. If you have a shopfront on a normal street, sweep the sidewalk and collect any rubbish. If you’re in a shopping center, check for drink spillages. Then when each customer first enters your store, make sure the staff greets them. Create an eye-catching display near the entrance to hopefully slow down. Maybe take a product out of its box so that shoppers can see it properly.

Well-planned traffic flow

A well-designed floor plan with an excellent layout that promotes good traffic flow is essential to making sales. Especially if you plan on keeping your customers inside your store as long as possible so they can keep exploring your products. A great store layout will ultimately move your merchandise by exposing each customer to your product range while encouraging purchasing behaviors as it works to guide them through your store. 


Deliberately designing the layout of your retail store is one of the most important key strategies if you plan on maximizing revenue and increasing your chance of success. There are a variety of options for effective management of traffic flow through your store, depending on shop size, product type, and target market. Retail spaces should always be well-designed as a priority because otherwise, the merchandise will be unlikely to sell.

Level up your shelves

One of the biggest issues with the layout of some retail stores is they have a high rack that blocks the view inside the shop. Customers who aren’t impressed with the wares on these shelves might simply decide to leave. In this case, it’s a good idea to use lower shelving with narrower shelves on top of shorter pegs. 

Not only does it allow customers to more inside the shop, but it also makes it seem fuller without overstocking it with merchandise. Other retail stores don’t seem to have enough shelving space to display and organize the products well. The best way around this is to utilize the vertical blank spaces to display your products. Create multi-level displays using all of the available height on the walls to maximize your visual merchandising space.

Circulation & accessibility space

Cramped shopping space is one of the most common complaints when it comes to the design of retail stores. Nobody ever enjoys shopping with insufficient space for circulation and accessibility thanks to a claustrophobic design with narrow aisles as it makes customers feel uncomfortable which ruins their entire experience. 

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Ensure the layout of your retail store has plenty of space around all the shelves, each table, the front counter, as well as all of your merchandise. With a suitable amount of circulation space, you’ll be ensuring your store is accessible to everyone, including the 20% of Aussies with a disability, which means you’ll also be increasing your customer base. This is a really excellent tip for the interior design of any successful retail store, so make sure you leave space for your customers to have a positive browsing experience.

Everything you do should be all about generating an excellent customer experience while showcasing all of your best products to them. Because designing the right layout of your retail store means your customers will be able to enjoy shopping at your store so much they will ultimately come back and shop with you again.