Medical Negligence Claims: 4 Things You Should Keep in Mind

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Medical negligence can happen at any stage while you receive medical care from a primary healthcare provider to a serious surgery and even aftercare. That can be due to misdiagnosis, errors during the surgery, or any incorrect medication or treatment. Suppose any of such malpractices cause unnecessary suffering and worse consequences for you or any of your family members. In that case, you are entitled to a medical negligence claim. Every medical professional has a responsibility of care towards the patients. When any of them breaches that, you have the legal right to hold that medical body into account. When you process a claim against any medical professional or the hospital, it will prevent similar malpractice from occurring in the future. Such claims help conduct a thorough investigation, and the mistake by medical professionals is subsequently evaluated and reported.


Types of Medical Negligence Cases Allowing You to Claim


  • Medical Misdiagnosis: If a doctor fails to diagnose any condition correctly, it will result in unavoidable suffering. There are two main types of misdiagnoses that lead to harmful consequences. One is when the doctors fail to diagnose a certain condition, and it stays undiagnosed. The other is when they made an incorrect diagnosis. Suppose your health care provider misses providing treatment in time or provides the wrong treatment. In that case, it indicates that both these medical misdiagnoses will cause life-threatening risks.
  • Pregnancy and Birth Injuries: Fortunately, most births go well and without any potential injury. Still, it can lead to devastating consequences if anything goes wrong. Many types of birth injuries appear during pregnancy, labor, or after the child’s birth. These birth injuries can harm both the mother and the baby. For instance, maternal diabetes during pregnancy can cause the child to be born with a certain disability. Medical negligence during labor can cause cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, and more disorders in the newborn. Anyone you know who has suffered from such medical negligence can legally claim compensation and get all the treatment expenses covered with other benefits.
  • Surgical Mistakes: Almost every operation performed by medical professionals is successful. Still, there is a slight chance of mistakes that occasionally occur in hospital settings. Some of the most common surgical negligence includes infections by poor hygiene, perforated organs, any object left in the body, entirely wrong operation, or operated wrong body part. All these huge surgical mistakes can lead to devastating results for the patients and cause lifelong suffering. However, patients suffering from such situations can claim compensation and help the legal system examine and report the facts.
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Make a Medical Negligence Claim

While processing a claim against a healthcare organization or a medical professional, you need to talk about your situation with a specialist in medical negligence claims. After listening to your case, the specialist assesses whether it is a case of a medical mistake or not. The initial step is to collect all the treatment details you received, understand the care quality, and how it affected you in a bad way to ensure the right compensation claims. The next thing after the acceptance of the medical negligence claim, you need to gather relevant documentation and medical records of the care you received with a detailed official statement. It is essential to get an expert’s opinion to prove the breach of responsibility that leads to harmful outcomes you have to suffer for life.


Going to a Solicitor

It would help if you went to an experienced solicitor specialized in medical negligence claims. Two panels of medical negligence solicitors are available. One is committed to charity actions against medical accidents, and the Law Society governs the other. The solicitor will look into the case thoroughly and make it strong enough to take it to the level of the next proceedings. You need to provide every medical record of your treatment and paperwork to build an undefeated case. Also, keep a complete record of the medical expenses you paid. After every possible information, your solicitor will decide your chances of success and give a rough idea of your compensation after winning the case.

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Time Limits

In such medical malpractice cases, time is everything. You have to start a legal claim for compensation within three years from when you first encountered the unfortunate incident or as soon as you realized that you had suffered an injury. If the case is related to a childbirth injury, the three-year claim limit will start after the child turns 18. However, suppose the compensation claim relates to patients with mental disabilities. In that case, that time limit doesn’t count unless they are mentally healthy. The parents or other family members in both these cases can claim compensation on their behalf. It’s always beneficial to share your situation with a specialist as soon as possible because medical negligence cases are complicated to investigate and solve.



There is only a slight possibility of any medical case going wrong, but that causes the patients to suffer and their families when it happens. Medical negligence like misdiagnosis, wrong operations, or child-birth injuries have a lifelong impact on the patients and cost them much more than they can afford. Patients and their families have the legal right to file claims against the medical body responsible for their situation. A professional lawyer can help you get these compensation claims to cover all the patient’s medical expenses and allow you to get enough benefits.