Men’s Guide: What Men Should Wear on Their First Date

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One of the first things women look for in a man is a good personality. Although it is understandable because nobody wants to be with someone who has an attitude problem, many believe that physical appearance is also essential. This includes hairstyle, choice in accessories, and fashion style. This seems superficial, but it’s true.


Many people say that you are what you wear. This is because the garments and jewelry you wear represent who and what kind of person you are. This is why people try their best to make themselves look nice. However, men tend to over-stylize themselves to impress. But worry no more, because here are tips on what to wear on your first date.

Luxury Watches

Today, we rely so much on our cellphones to monitor time. Although it is essential to bring our smartphones on our date, a watch should be men’s primary tool to monitor time. Looking at your smartphone during the date might send the wrong idea that you are waiting for another person’s call.


Wearing a regular watch every day is okay, but not on a date. After all, you want your date to have a good impression of you. Luxury watches like  Longines Spirit are the best watches to wear on your first date. Rock this timepiece not to impress but to show that you are hardworking because luxury watches are expensive and only successful people can have them.


Functionality-wise, luxury watches are a great accessory to wear on your first date because of their precision in tracking time. In addition, they are made out of the best materials that make them comfortable for the wearer. As a result, you won’t feel uncomfortable during the date.

Clean and Nice Clothes

dressed for date

Depending on what kind of date you will plan, you should wear proper and clean clothes on your first date. For instance, if you plan to have a date at a fancy restaurant, it is nice to wear a suit. But, if you plan to go on a picnic date, you can wear stylish yet simple clothing such as jeans and a classy shirt. Don’t forget to wear something that shows your personality.

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No matter which style you prefer, there are always two key factors to consider: how well it fits, and how good the quality is. Well-fitting clothes can make the difference between looking tacky and sophisticated. They are designed to fit snugly to your body shape and help highlight your features in the most complimentary way. Additionally, you should choose quality when picking the right outfit. Quality clothing hangs well, doesn’t easily crease, and lasts longer. So even if you’re just planning on going for a casual night out, be sure to put on a high-quality USA-made shirt that makes you look and feel your best.

Wearing shorts and slippers is a big no when going on whatever type of date. It may send the wrong idea that you don’t care enough to dress something nice and cause your date to be turned off. Whatever you wear, it must be clean, comfortable, not wrinkled, and fashionable.


Everyone will agree that nobody wants to date a person who smells bad. It is because a person who smells nice signifies that they have good personal hygiene. If you have a lovely natural scent, then it’s okay. But, if you want to impress your date, it’s better to wear perfume that doesn’t have a strong odor. A light scent is enough to impress your date.


The garments and accessories are not essential parts of the date; it is the whole experience that the person you are dating will remember. That is why a smile is the best thing you should wear on your first date. A smile is important on a date because it shows a positive aura that makes the interaction light and fun.

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A smiling face is a good way of showing that you have a very happy and likable personality. It is also a way to show your perfect teeth and handsome face. But remember that not all types of smiles are good because some smiles are creepy. So, you should practice your smile in front of a mirror before you go on a date.


Dressing up is a massive part of our lives. It is our way of expressing our personalities and making an impression. It is also part of human beings for the longest time because it represents our status in life, gender preferences, and whole identity. That is why men must wear the proper attire and accessories on their first date with the women they like.


Although men don’t need to wear expensive clothes and accessories, it is still a good idea to wear them not to show off, but because they have the best quality and functionality. Not to mention, they are pleasing to the eyes. They can also bring comfort and confidence to the person who wears them, making the whole dating experience better.


All in all, there are two important details you should focus on while picking the best outfit to wear on your first date. The first one is comfort. This will ensure you that your date will run smoothly. And the second one is making a good impression. This is important because if you like the person you are dating, you want the first date to have a second, third, and so on.